Accommodations around Nyungwe National Park

Accommodations around Nyungwe National Park

Accommodations around Nyungwe National Park simply refers to the lodges and hotels outside the park premises, that can host guests who have visited Nyungwe National Park. Nyungwe National Park is surrounded with five districts including Nyaruguru in the Southeast of the Park, Nyamagabe in the Northeast, Karongi in the North, Nyamasheke in the North West and finally Rusizi in the Southwest. All these districts are surrounding Nyungwe national park which makes it easy to spend the night at the accommodations around Nyungwe National Park in these districts which range from Budget, mid-range to luxury accommodation facilities.

Nyaruguru district 

When you are traveling to the south you may want to spend the night in Nyaruguru district after visiting some attractions found there such as Kibeho holy land. The district is well organized in terms of infrastructure such as roads. So there is recommended accommodation that offers good services. The distance is 120km only to reach Nyungwe National Park.  In Nyaruguru District there some of the accommodations include:

Regina Pacis Kibeho hotel: It is a modern constructed hotel with 40 rooms, and they offer dormitories if you guys want to stay as a group. So if you have planned to visit Nyungwe National Park and you are visiting the Shrine of Our Lady of Kibeho, you may stay here and have your visit on any day to Nyungwe. 

Norte Dame Kibeho Resthouse: This is a nice guest house set in the mountains and has a warm welcome. You can stay here after your visit to the holy land and the next day it is possible to have an activity in Nyungwe national park.

Nyamagabe district

The district is in the distance of 54km and it’s only a 1 and 1/2 hours drive from the town of Nyamagabe to Nyungwe National Park. The district’s town is set on the peak of the mountain which offers a beautiful view. Some of the recommended accommodations around Nyungwe National Park in Nyamagabe district include: 

Golden Monkey hotel: This is the only three-star hotel in Nyamagabe district in the town. They have 28 guest rooms. They have Wifi, continental free breakfast, and very nice services and facilities. They are open 24hours every day of the week.

Kitabi Eco-center: This is one of the closest accommodations around Nyungwe National Park at the edge, in only 33km and its 41minutes drive to Nyungwe, Uwinka reception center. This Eco-center is built in Rwandan traditional style set on the peak of a mountain. With the view of tea plantation and mountains from all the sides, this one is most recommended accommodation around Nyungwe National Park for backpackers’, and budget travelers.

Nyungwe Nziza Eco-Lodge, Kitabi: in Nyamagabe this is the closest accommodation to Nyungwe because it sets on the buffer zone of the Nyungwe national park and Nyamagabe district side of Kitabi. It is the newest one, also mid-range facility. It is a 32km drive to Nyungwes Uwinka reception center and it’s only a 40minutes drive to the park.

Karongi district

This district is in the north of the Park. It is the most developed than any other district that is attached to Nyungwe National Park. Many people wonder if you can stay in Karongi and have a visit to Nyungwe by the next day. Yes it is possible and no doubt, because from Karongi to Nyungwe National Park is about 107 km and it is a 2h 50 minutes drive to the Nyungwe Uwinka reception center. It is also a 2hr 20minutes (91km) drive to Gisakura reception center. Some of the accommodations in Karongi include the following:

Mariah Hill Resort: This is the best of the best resort accommodations in Karongi district. It is set on the shore of Lake Kivu and is only 1km from Karongi town, and it is midrange accommodation and suits everyone at each level. If you feel like you want really to relax, this is your place & for the honeymooners. During your stay, you will be offered Lake Kivu water sports.

Rwiza village: This is one of the accommodations set on the Green Mountain, with the great view of Lake Kivu and islands. The accommodation is set in the Rwandan sub traditional style. There is no relaxation place better than here and the hotel is a 3-star hotel. So it is a midrange hotel and its rooms, food, and services are all perfect.

Home Saint Jean: This is a three-star hotel in the town of Karongi located at the top of the mountain where you are able to have a Lake View. This is the first hotel you see when entering the town of Karongi from the side of Muhanga. The cuisine there is amazing with friendly people. They offer rooms from single to dormitory rooms. 

Comoran lodge: This is an amazing stylish cabin lodge, with the view of Lake Kivu and view of Nyiragongo volcano from DRC. The lodge is made of materials from wood and the blue sky from here is a miracle.

Delta resort hotel: The hotel is quite strange but beautiful, because of its traditional and modern mix styles. If you are traveling for business or leisure this is the place. It is set on the shore of Lake Kivu and also the services offered here are a mix of the modern world and the Rwandan culture.

Nyamasheke District

Nyamasheke district in the west of Nyungwe, and it is  1h 30minutes which is 60km drive from Nyamasheke district and 1hour (41km) drive to Gisakura reception center. So if you spent the night in one of the accommodations from Nyamasheke district it is easier to visit Nyungwe at any time. 

Accommodation around Gisakura reception center:

One & Only One Nyungwe House: This is a five-star cabin lodge in Nyungwe national park. This is the only accommodation that seems to be set and attached inside Nyungwe because there is nothing between the lodge and Nyungwe forest. The services here are incomparable and the nature & view of nyungwe monkeys sometimes around. It offers tea plantation tours to the travelers and other activities like community walk and tea estate experience. Also, Nyamasheke has medium accommodations in Gisakura such as:

Nyungwe Top View Hotel: This is a three-star hotel set on the mountain near Gisakura center, which gives a view of Nyungwe National Park, Lake Kivu, and tea plantation. It is a mid-range hotel set in 3 minutes (1.1km) drive to the Gisakura reception center.

There are also the budgets ones in Gisakura center, backpackers can afford such as:

Gisakura Guest House: This is a budget guest house, situated in the Gisakura center and is surrounded by the fragmented forest of Nyungwe. The lodging costs between $35 and $55 single and the couple gets room companied with breakfast.

E.R.A Gisakura visitor Guesthouse: This guest house is a little bit away from the center like 300m. It is affordable for every kind of visitor.

Gisakura family hostel: This one set in the center of Gisakura and accommodates from singles to families. For families, you can have it all and stay in as if you were home. It is one house of about five rooms, sitting room, restrooms and kitchen out, and ample parking. 

When you are about to trek chimpanzees, you are recommended to stay in accommodation around Gisakura reception.

Accommodations around Nyungwe National Park in Rusizi district

The district in the West of Rwanda and is a developing district, that shares border with DRC. The district has many accommodations from all levels but many are medium and budget ones.

Emeraude Kivu resort: This is a three-star resort hotel in Rusizi district’s town of Kamembe. It is located in the distance of 34km and a 44 minutes drive to Gisakura reception center and 1hr 10minutes drive to Uwinka reception center. The hotel is on the shore of Lake Kivu with the best view of islands and DRC Mountains. It is mid-range accommodation and is recommended for business, relaxation and honeymoon travelers. The services, amenities, and facilities are all worth it.

Peace guesthouse: It is between mid-range and budget accommodation so each level of travelers can afford it. The services offered are good and rooms are comfortable and convenient. It is located in the distance of 1hr 10 minutes (49km) drive to Uwinka reception center and 47 minutes (35km) drive to Gisakura reception center.

Rusizi progress hotel: This resort hotel is two stars and affordable by all kind of clients. This lodge is set in a fantastic environment, cool place and proper amenities, and services are offered. It is located in distance of 1hr 10minutes (51km) drive to Uwinka reception center, and 47 minutes (37km) drive to Gisakura reception center, so it is simple to stay there and easy.

Hotel du Lac: This hotel is located in Rusizi & it is the best resort hotel, it has the terrace on Rusizi River and it has a large swimming pool. Rooms are good, and services are also offered at there best in accordance with guest’s reviews to the Hotel du Lac. It is a mid-range hotel. It is set in a distance of 45minutes which is 35km drive from Gisakura reception center, and it also set in a distance of 1hr 10 minutes which is (51km) drive from Uwinka reception center.

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