Activities in Congo during Covid-19


Activities in Congo during Covid-19 : Congo is among the best tourism destinations in Africa that tourists can visit for an amazing safari. The country boosts of having Africa’s oldest national park, virunga national park which is a home to the world largest lava lake hat can be seen while you hike mount Nyiragongo, the park is also famous for housing the endangered mountain gorillas but it should be noted that the country boosts of a number of accessible attractions like Lwiro chimpanzee orphanage, Kahuzi Biega national park the home to the lowland gorillas, the Senkwenkwe gorilla orphanage and many other attractions.

However with covid-19 in the world, a number of safety precautions have been put up for tourists to follow in order for them to have a safe experience in the country, a number of safety precautions where put up like tourists  maintaining social distance during the activities, ensuring that they wear face masks at any given time of their stay in the country to avoid the spread of the virus and most importantly before tourists access the democratic republic of Congo, they should fast present their negative covid-19 certificate  or a vaccination certificate in order to be granted access to the country to take part in a number of activities. There are a number of activities in Congo during covid-19 that shouldn’t be missed out on in order for tourists to have an amazing experience during their African safari and these include;


Among the activities in Congo during covi-19 that should not be missed out on is gorilla trekking which you can either carry out in virunga national park and Kahuzi Biega national park. gorilla trekking in virunga national park will give you the chance to understand more about the endangered mountain gorillas whereas gorilla trekking in Kahuzi Biega national park will also give you the opportunity to  understand more about  the lowland gorillas which are quite distinctive from the mountain gorillas in  size and structure.

The activity will give you the opportunity to understand the different features of the primates for instance their social structure which involves the   silver back who is the dominant male of the group and the adult females that take care of the young ones of the group you’ll get to see how the gorillas how they construct their nests for overnight stay among other rewarding features.

Activities in Congo during Covid-19
Activities in Congo during Covid-19


Participate in hiking mount Nyiragongo as part of the memorable activities in Congo during covid-19 because f the rewarding views you will get to see during your hiking experience in virunga national park. Hiking mount Nyiragongo will give you the chance to see the world largest lava lake on top of it.

Mount Nyiragongo is one of the most active volcanoes in the world which has erupted over eight times and at the top of mount Nyiragongo; you will have the chance to see the world’s largest lava lake and also get to see its activity with the lava boiling underneath the earth’s crust, you will also get to see fumes coming through the vents of the mountain a part of your mount Nyiragongo hiking experience.


Lwiro chimpanzee sanctuary is one of the chimpanzee conservation areas that are highly recognised in Africa just like Ngamba Chimpanzee sanctuary in Uganda, Ol Pejeta Ranch a chimpanzee sanctuary in Kenya among other. The sanctuary was established as a result of the Congo war that led to the decrease in the number of chimpanzees.

It should be noted that with the war a number of chimpanzees were orphaned and with the help of the of the Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation and National Centre for Research in Natural Sciences they established the sanctuary to protect the orphans.

At the sanctuary you will get to take part in volunteer work like cleaning the sleeping areas of the chimpanzees, feeding infants, you’ll also get to see them playing in the enclosed space where they are given hope everyday for a second chance to life.


The Senkwenkwe gorilla orphanage just like Lwiro chimpanzee sanctuary was established after results of a number of gorillas were as orphans by a number of poachers in virunga national park. After the death of Ndeze and Ndakasi that lost their parents because of the increased poaching in the park, they were found around the Goma region of the country were a team of researchers and the park management decided to  establish the gorilla orphanage to ensure that the orphaned gorillas are well taken care of.

At the gorilla orphanage you will participate in feeding the infants, cleaning the dormitories of the gorillas, you will also watch the gorillas play in their playgrounds as you take pictures for an amazing experience during your Congo safari.

Other activities in Congo during covid-19 that you can take part in include; golden monkey trekking in virunga national park, birding in both Kahuzi Biega national and virunga national park, chimpanzee trekking in virunga national park, nature walks among other activities that will ensure you enjoy every time you spend in the country during your African safari.

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