Alternatives To Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda

Alternatives To Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda

Alternatives To Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda : Since Rwanda is known for its gorillas, many, if not most, visitors to the country of a thousand hills limit their safari activities to gorilla trekking. In addition to the gorilla tours and the activities described in this article, many tourists are unaware of the many other fascinating things that Rwanda has to offer.

Continue reading this article to know more alternatives to gorilla trekking in Rwanda.

Many tourists also intend to visit Rwanda but would like to explore the country but are unwilling to pay the expensive $1500 for a gorilla trekking permit. You may enjoy an amazing trip to Rwanda and have wonderful alternatives to seeing gorillas with the help of this article.

Big five safari in Akagera National Park.

Did you know that Rwanda is home to the renowned “big five” (elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion, and leopard)? Yes, Akagera National Park in Rwanda is home to the Big Five. Therefore, you can combine the big five safari with the gorillas in Rwanda without having to take a plane to the Serengeti or Maasai Mara first. In Rwanda, gorillas and the Big Five can be seen. Because Rwanda is a small nation, you may visit Volcanoes National Park the next day to view gorillas and do a safari excursion to Akagera Park the previous day to see the big five.

Alternatives To Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda
Zebras In Akagera National Park

Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park.

Chimpanzee trekking safari in Rwanda is one of the most thrilling wildlife adventures after the gorilla trek. Since chimpanzees and humans share more than 98% of the same DNA, getting up close and personal with them in their natural habitat may teach you a lot about their distinct personalities as well as their social structures, classes, and leadership roles. The organizational structures of chimpanzee and human societies are very similar.

Nyungwe National Park offers monkey trekking and canopy walks. One of Rwanda’s most recognizable sights, the canopy walkway in Nyungwe Forest National Park is frequently featured in promotional magazines and television commercials. It is also regarded as Africa’s greatest canopy walkway. Walking under the tree canopy, the walkway offers breathtaking views over an old mountain forest and the opportunity to get up close and personal with monkeys and birds. The two-hour canopy walk is frequently added as an extra to nature hikes, chimpanzee trekking, and monkey trekking in Nyungwe National Park.


Golden monkey trekking in Volcanoes National Park.

The golden monkey stroll is a fantastic way to see Rwanda’s amazing Virunga Mountains if you can’t afford the pricey gorilla trip. The remarkably stunning primates inhabit the base of the volcanoes, and a group of over a hundred of them are accustomed to provide an incredible safari experience of trekking them. It’s fascinating and visually appealing to observe and take pictures of the monkeys.


Hiking in the volcanoes.

Although Rwanda lacks high mountains suitable for multiday climbing and mountaineering, it does own a portion of five of the seven major volcano mountains of the Virunga Mountain range, which stretches along its borders with Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. You can go on some of the best hiking adventures of your life around the volcanoes. With a sizable, exquisite crater lake at its top, Mount Bisoke (3711 metres) is the most well-known volcano. For a one-day walk in the Virunga highlands, you can depart early from Kigali and return to the park that same day.

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