Canopy walk

Canopy Walk in nyungwe

Canopy walk in nyungwe; Nyungwe National  forest is the largest protected montane forest in Africa that covers a total area that is ranging between 1600 to 2000 square meters. It is also a 5 hours drive from Kigali. This long drive to Nyungwe national park also gives the guests an opportunity to have a full drive and view of the country’s diverse scenery and the imposing landscapes as you move to the wonderful main attraction .

Once you get to the park, you will then prepare to join one of the most unbelievable adventures you will ever have in your all life. The Canopy walk will bring you closer to nature, that you have never ever expected to have.

You get an opportunity of coming closer to nature and you also will also get a chance to have a good view of the all national park. This activity has made Nyungwe national park a unique park from all other national parks that are found in the whole world.

Getting to the canopy will only take a duration of about two hours and this is measured right away from the starting point at Uwinka visitors center. For tourists who are scared of heights, this could be best described as the endless walk of experience according to anxiety they get from the heights. Those that are not afraid of heights, it can be described as the walk of pure nature and discoveries. Since this bridge is adjourned between the huge trees, one is able to feel the blow of this pure flesh air that is found in Nyungwe national park. This bridge is about 60 meters above the forest floor.

Apart from the freshness in the air and the great wonderful aerial view of the trees/forest canopy,  you will also enjoy the sights of the most fantastic different bird species that are most spotted flying in the air as you are enjoying the walk and discovering more about the nature and the wilderness of Nyungwe national park. This canopy walk is the most preferred activity for the visitors that are coming in the park and even those that are still planning to come into the park since it is well organized.

The canopy walk was started in 2010, and it is the only one of its kind in East Africa and the third in Africa.

Canopy walk in Nyungwe national park, This 90 meters long, interesting canopy walkway will also bring you to a face to face interaction with different species of butterflies, birds and the monkeys.

The hardwood trees that are found in Nyungwe national park also are found occupying the upper canopy, whereas the lower part is being dominated by the huge and large selection of the purple orchids and the lush flora as well as fauna that curl better in the higher altitudes.

Canopy walk takes close to two hours and it is started and ends at Nyungwe national park headquarters. At the Uwinka tourists reception center, the first 200 meters is just a walk that is along the forest traid under the thick canopies, and here you get an opportunity of viewing the ground level nature before taking on the canopy walk in order to get to the top level of the forest.

The expected sightings here include; Monkey species which include black and white colobus, red tailed monkey and also birds, the minimum age to go for this walk is six years and the kids must be escorted by the adults, The cost of the canopy walk permits is $60 person.

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