Child Restrictions

Child Restrictions

Child restrictions in Nyungwe are the set rules and the park activities that are set for anyone that is termed as a child basing on certain qualifications to enable them also enjoy the park. Chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda is done in Nyungwe National park. Rwanda is endowed with a number of primates such as chimpanzees in Nyungwe, mountain gorillas of Volcanoes National park and wildlife of Akagera National park.

Child restrictions in Nyungwe National Park state that there is a minimum age for Chimpanzee trekking. The minimum age is enforced by the Rwanda Tourism Board. Chimpanzees trekking was allowed for people with a  minimum of 12 years, but it was later on increased to 15 years and above.

However, on a good note, children below 14 years who look mature are always allowed by the Authorities in Rwanda to trek. However, this is arranged on the ground for one to go against child restrictions. 

The Tour Company will request for your passport to get details of your birth date in order to establish the required age limit. This helps the one organizing the safari to able to determine the age of the trekkers so that the child restrictions are not gone against. In case your child is below the required age for Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe, and you would like her/him to trek the Chimps, this might not be accepted but the Administrators left some activities for children to trek in Nyungwe. There are other activities to encounter while the parents are on chimpanzee trekking. Our kid-friendly driver-guide ensures that the children are enjoying the different activities well your on chimpanzee trekking safari. Our trained guide will take your children for a rewarding activity.

Though, if the child is about to turn 15years, the Authorities governing the park might allow the child to trek.

Children early mornings can enjoy a walk with our friendly guide through the village.

Your children will have a chance to learn different traditional handmade crafts, visit the village schools, learn different cultural dances and many more. The walk can take 3 hours which ends with Batwa pygmies, who were the original people who stayed in the forest.

Kids will gather plants, berries, roots with the guides and as well, they will learn how they take care of them to grow. They will learn a lot of things through the walk. Kids can learn about the forest, primates, butterflies and the chimpanzees.

Kids can visit the Iby’Iwacu culture village, to learn about the culture of Rwanda.

Do not hesitate to book with us for an amazing experience with your children in the wilderness since the child restrictions provide another option for children to enjoy the wilderness.

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