Discover Sipi Falls

Discover Sipi Falls : Sipi falls is found in kapchorwa district in eastern Uganda along one of the slopes of mountain Elgon, its approximately 277km by road from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. Its surrounded by beautiful sceneries and consists of three separate falls. The nearest big town Sipi falls is Mbale city which is approximately 55km from Kapchorwa and is the largest town in eastern Uganda. The majority of the people living in this area are the Sebei people with a few bagisu.

Tourist attractions and activities one can do at Sipi falls.

Hiking tours; Sipi falls is one destination that provides an opportunity for hiking and nature walks by providing trails that run through farms of locals, the green jungles, hills among others. The hike from the bottom to the top of the falls can also be a beautiful experience.

Birding experience; Sipi falls is a home to numerous bird species and the area surrounding. It also has species that are endangered and rare among others that can provide a beautiful birding experience.

Abseiling; One can experience the thrilling encounter of descending down the waterfalls and the rock cliffs while abseiling.

Camping experience; This water fall is spotted with numerous campsites that offer serene and beautiful views.

Sipi falls tour; Sipi consists of three water falls which all flow from different altitudes thus possessing different beauties with the highest forming the main falls called sipi falls.

Community encounter; A tourist can take a community tour while visiting the neighbouring villages and learning about their ways of life, the believes, the different activities they participate in, their traditional dances and songs to mention but a few.

Swimming; Tourists can take a refreshing swim at the pool of water that is at the base of the fall. This water is usually clean and fresh and can be a perfect natural swimming pool.

Photography experience; The stunning beauty of sipi falls leaves one with an opportunity of taking beautiful and sceneries, nature, the falls itself and the surrounding green hills and trees.

Rock climbing experience; The rocky terrain surrounding sipi falls provides a great opportunity of rock climbing adventure to the tourist. It is also a great opportunity for one to view the various landscape surrounding sipi falls.

Discover Sipi Falls
Discover Sipi Falls

Agro Tourism experience. The soils around the falls is too fertile thus the local community grow Arabica coffee while on a Uganda safari at Sipi falls, one can visit the coffee fields and learn how coffee is grown, locally processed and packed among others.

It is worth taking a Uganda safari to this beautiful falls and also exploring the numerous surrounding attractions like

 Mount Elgon National park; This is home to numerous wildlife and bird species and also home to mountain Elgon an ancient extinct volcano. there numerous activity one can get involved in while on a Uganda wildlife safari on this national park.

Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve; it is one beautiful tour a tourist would explore not so far from the falls approximately from sipi falls, Pian Upe is blessed with numerous wildlife species, the beautiful savannah vegetation and beautiful sceneries of nature, hills, valleys that surrounds Pian Upe wildlife reserve.

Wanale Ridge; This is also one beautiful attraction one can explore while on sipi falls, since this offers beautiful panoramic views and also a great opportunity for hiking experiences.

Sebei cultural centre; This is a sort of mini museum that provides an opportunity for tourists while on a Uganda safari in sipi falls to learn about the culture of the sabiny or sebei people, there practices, them believes among others.

Kapchorwa Town; This town is surrounded by beautiful green landscape filled with trees, hills and valleys, a thrilling culture among others.

Tewei Hill Top; This is one of the beautiful attractions one can experience while on their visit to sipi falls. It has a view point where one can take panoramic view and pictures of the surrounding landscape and is situated along the slopes of mountain Elgon.

Explore Nyero rock painting site; Situated in eastern Uganda in Kumi district approximately 200km from Kampala city. This is where rocks were beautifully painted in the ancient times. One while on a tour at Sipi falls can visit these site of geometric paintings and explore the beauty of Uganda.

The best time to visit Sipi Falls is during the dry seasons of December, January, February, march, June, July, august, September as the trails are more clear and passable. There is no entry fee to sipi falls but one is charged for activities like hiking, abseiling, cave adventures.

Accommodation while at sipi falls.

Accommodation here varies from luxury, midrange and budget and they include; Sipi falls lodge, Sipi valley resort, Rafiki Lodge, Mise Cave Lodge, Rock garden Sipi falls, Sipi heritage hotel, Sipi Coffee lodge, Lacam Lodge Sipi Falls, Marina Terraces to mention but afew.

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