East African Tourist Visa in Rwanda

East African Tourist Visa in Rwanda: Traveling to East Africa used to be difficult, especially if you wanted to see the entire area, but the advent of the East African tourist visa has made it feasible in a cost-effective manner.

And, while it has not been simple, and some countries, like as Tanzania, have yet to join the endeavor, travelers may now easily go to Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya as long as they have a tourist visa. So, if you’re thinking about going on a safari in East Africa, get yourself a tourist visa to make your trip easier. Other counties may join in the near future to boost the country’s tourist economy.

The East African tourist visa in Rwanda was developed as a collaborative effort led by the respective chiefs of state of Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda. This was created to help establish and expand tourist options in East Africa, as well as to help the region’s tourism economy.

The East African visa allows travelers to freely and concurrently visit the three nations of Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. It is generally only valid in these three countries, and if you decide to go outside of these countries, the visa will expire immediately. The visa also expires ninety days after it is issued.

How can you apply for the East African Tourist Visa in Rwanda?

When applying for an East African tourist visa, there are various stages that must be taken and we will look at how to apply in each of the three nations.

You must apply for an East African tourist visa form one either manually or online. These applications can be lodged in the respective diplomatic offices of the Republic of Kenya, the Republic of Uganda, and the Republic of Rwanda, as well as at the relevant immigration offices.

The application may also be made at the airports of the aforementioned countries, and it should be done a day before travel for better preparations, or when you arrive in the places they are scheduled to visit.

East African Tourist Visa in Rwanda
East African Tourist Visa in Rwanda

And if you want to begin your vacation in Rwanda, you will apply using the web platform, which is available at any Rwandan embassy. You will need to key in a search engine Application for the East Africa visa Rwanda and then just follow the steps till you have completed the form. And, while certain nations, such as Switzerland, were excluded from paying the tourist visa fee, it is now essential for everyone to pay before obtaining one in Rwanda.

What Requirements Are Needed When Applying For The Visa?

A passport-sized colorful photo with no head scarf, cap, glasses, or a white backdrop that will be pasted to the application form.

You will require a visa application letter from the country to which you are traveling.

You will also be required to provide proof of financial stability in order to demonstrate your capacity to support yourself throughout your trip of the three countries.

You will also need a $100 visa fee and a completed East African tourist visa application form. And the visa is only valid for one entrance.

Any travel papers are permitted as long as they are eligible; however, the documents expire after six months, and all visitors to the three nations must apply for their own visas, which cannot be renewed.

Who is eligible for the East African Tourist Visa and the type of Visa?

Everyone, regardless of origin, is eligible for an East African tourist visa, and I have classified them below with thorough information about each category, how eligible they are, and what they need to obtain the tourist visa. The visa is a multiple visa, which means you may use it in all three countries.

The Citizens of Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya

By nationals, I mean people from Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda, the three neighbouring countries. These people can travel using their national identity cards, which operate as travel documents as long as they are in the region. You can use your national identity card to travel the nations for nearly six months, which was implemented in January 2014. Citizens’ travel has been made easier as a result of this.

Foreign Visitors

The Visa is only available to foreigners who wish to visit Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya at the same time and solely for tourism purposes. Visas can be obtained through any of the three countries’ local embassies in their respective countries. This sort of visa is a multiple entrance visa that may be used in all three countries; however it expires after 90 days and is not permitted if you want to work.

Resident Students

Students who are nationals of the three nations can travel in any of the three countries using their national identity cards. Students tend to travel to various countries for a variety of reasons, including education and pleasure, and the introduction of national identity cards in individual states has made it easier to visit East African countries.


Expatriates are persons who visit a nation yet have lived there for a long time and obtained secondary citizenship. These people usually stay in the nation owing to contract labour or marriage.

All expatriates residing in any of the three nations are excused from obtaining a tourist visa and may now obtain an inter-state permit to travel in any of the three countries, which expires after six months. In order to be eligible for an inter-pass, they will also need to have a valid residency permit.

People who obtain an East African tourist visa are allowed to freely travel within the three countries of Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda, and they do not have to pay for a return visa; however, if they leave and travel to any other country that is not part of the arrangement, they must pay once they decide to make a return journey.

East African Tourist Visa in Rwanda
East African Tourist Visa in Rwanda

The visa permits you to visit all of the tourist attractions in the three countries; all you need to do is pay for the safari company that takes you around the various tourist attractions, and keep in mind the following:

  • The tour to the three countries of Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda is not set out in such a manner that you may visit any of them in whatever sequence you like.
  • The yellow fever vaccination card is required while visiting any of these countries, and even if you have a tourist visa, you will be denied entry if you do not have the yellow card.
  • The officials will also want a return air travel ticket since they must record your admission and leave from their nation in order to prevent unlawful stay.
  • The tourist visa application deadline is two days, notably in Kenya.

In conclusion, while the system for registering and applying for tourist visas online had some hitches, it has substantially enhanced the travel arrangements of various visitors as well as the political connections of the three nations. And we hope that the remaining East African countries would join us in providing simple access to East Africa’s numerous tourism attractions.

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