Fascinating Facts To know About Rwanda

Fascinating Facts To know About Rwanda

Fascinating Facts To know About Rwanda : Although Rwanda is praised as one of Africa’s greatest achievements, did you know the following facts about the nation. This articles brings you the most fascinating facts to know about Rwanda that includes the following;

Rwanda is the safest country in sub Saharan Africa.

Rwanda sits in the middle of sub-Saharan Africa, a region thought of an unsafe part of Africa due to numerous sightings of conflicts and wars and sometimes epidemics. However, Rwanda has curved out herself as an oasis of safety and peace in this region. Everyone is guaranteed to be protected because to the strong domestic security apparatus that the Rwandan government has constructed. While it’s ubiquitous in almost every modern city, petty crime is extremely rare in Kigali and throughout Rwanda. You don’t need to worry about your safety to travel to any rural area of Rwanda or stroll the streets of Kigali. You can only use your phone on Kigali City’s crowded streets without worrying about it being stolen.

Cleanest country in Africa.

If one says Rwanda is the cleanest country in Africa, and one of the cleanest in the world, it may be hard to accept the claim because African countries are synonymous with disorder and dirt. It is actually difficult to comprehend how clean Rwanda is until you arrive in the capital Kigali City. When you have just arrived in Rwanda via the international airport you will be blown away by how clean and neat the streets of Kigali are. And, it does not end in the city, going deep into the villages of Rwanda the neatness and cleanliness is a constant.

In order to pull off what appears to be a miracle in sub-Saharan Africa, Rwanda implemented drastic measures like outlawing plastic bags and instituting “Umuganda,” a monthly general cleaning day that falls on the last Saturday and on which all residents are expected to take part in neighborhood cleanups.

Fascinating Facts To know About Rwanda
Kigali Rwanda

There is only one tribe in Rwanda.

Rwanda thus decided to do away with any identification based on ethnicity and tribe and adopted a singular tribe for all the people which is the Rwandan tribe. Anyone in Rwanda will tell you that they are Rwandan if you ask them what tribe they belong to. The nationality and tribe are the same only in Rwanda!

Rwanda is an open country for all people in the world

It is not necessary to reserve a visa in order to enter Rwanda. Upon arriving in Rwanda, any individual may get an entrance visa.

Rwanda is home to the famous Big Five animals.

Big game has not been Rwanda’s main draw; instead, the country is most known for its abundance of monkeys, chimps, and primates, particularly mountain gorillas. While most visitors to Rwanda only anticipate seeing gorillas and monkeys, the nation is now home to all five of the renowned “big five” animals the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and buffalo and is a formidable big game viewing safari┬ádestination. The sole savannah park in the nation, Akagera National Park, is home to all of these species and more.

Rwandans speak two international languages.

Because English and French are two of the most widely spoken international languages in Rwanda, it’s likely the only country in Africa where visitors who speak either language will find it easy to communicate. Rwanda has designated French and English as its official languages. Schools teach the two languages.

It is crucial to note though, as a former colony of Belgium Rwanda was an indigenous and English has only been introduced in the last two decades, so you will find some people may not be fluent in English (the older generation) and some not so fluent in French (the younger generation).

The highest point of Rwanda is Mt. Karisimbi.

Mount Karisimbi, at 4507 metres above sea level, is Rwanda’s highest point. The tallest peak in the Virunga mountain range is Mount Karisimbi. When visiting Volcanoes National Park, Mt. Karisimbi is visible, and it provides a stunning two-day hiking experience in the Virunga Mountains.

Rwanda is the most women-centered country in Africa.

Rwanda is the only nation in Africa that priorities women more than any other. The composition of the Rwandan parliament, which has 67% female members (54 out of 80 seats), best illustrates this.

Violence or any kind of harassment against women in Rwanda is one of the cardinal sins you can commit.

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