How to enjoy my Safari with kids

How to enjoy my Safari with kids : Safaris are great, pretty exciting and great for anyone who takes part in them. Having a safari with kids is also exiting but if not well planned, a safari with kids has the potential of being the most strenuous and uninteresting for the adults; who are usually the parents and guardians of these kids.

So here below we share with you some tips that can help you enjoy your safari with kids.

Have a well detailed Itinerary and follow it

You should have a well detailed Itinerary that you can follow. This will help you stay organised and the kids will follow your lead, which will reduce on them being all over the place and giving you a bad experience

Have a tour guide

It helps to have a tour guide who is helping you get around and implement your safari itinerary, because with kids it can be overwhelming for you to  find the places you are going too and then follow through with the safari activities and also enjoy the safari. So invest in a tour guide.

Get Family friendly accommodation

By family friendly we are referring to a hotel or accommodation facilities that has amenities like children play grounds or children centre and also a place with child minders to ensure that your kids are safe and stay within the premises. A place where the kids can be kids, this helps relieve the whole burden of carrying the kids on your back.

Get a helper

Especially if your kids are toddlers or still in that very childish phrase, you need a helper to come on the safari with you; to help you with the kids. Tend to them, play with them and keep them in the right check when you are handling other things.

Have some activity breaks

Avoid having marathon activities on your safari, get some breaks to help you refresh and reenergise before you can do another activity. This may mean a longer safari for you but it will be worth. For example if you do game drives today, take a rest the next day and then the other day go for another activity.

Light family activities

Also to help you, trying getting family friendly activities for your safari. Activities that are light and less demanding like game drives, boat rides, nature walks, bird watching, among others. These activities are great and you won’t be so tired from them so you will enjoy yourself together with the kids.

How to enjoy my Safari with kids
How to enjoy my Safari with kids

Take advantage of the amenities and offers

With kids you have a lot, learn to take advantage of the hotel amenities like children’s play area, gardens among others to help you engage the kids. This means you also have to get a hotel with those amenities. The safari destinations also have offers take advantage of those offers to help you and your kids.

Cave out time for you

Especially if you have a helper, cave out time for you to be alone and enjoy some activities alone, this will help you not feel like you have spent your entire time on a safari caring for kids.

Basically that’s what we can advise you, but literally we know you will be find and you will enjoy your safari with the kids, and as you enjoy your safari remember to find a way to spend quality time as a parent with your kids; use that time to teach them and bond with them as you enjoy your safari.

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