Kitabi Eco-Center

Kitabi Eco-Center is located in the Southern province of Rwanda, Nyamagabe district in Kitabi sector is approximately 1km from the park edge. The separation between Kitabi Eco-Center and Nyungwe National Park is only the buffered zone and tea plantation estate. Kitabi Eco-Center is one of the closest accommodations near Nyungwe at the edge of the forest. It is only 33km and a 41 minutes drive to Nyungwe’s, Uwinka reception center. This Eco-center is built in a Rwanda tradition style set on the peak of a mountain of about a 300m walk from the main road. With the view of the tea plantation and mountains from all the sides, this one is mostly recommended to backpackers’, and budget travelers. The place worth your presence and there are few places that are similar to this in Rwanda. For sure it is amazing how the Kitabi Eco-Center gets cooler and cooler as time goes on! The evening and the night from this place are very cold but bonfire is there to warm you up while telling stories to each other.

Why would you stay there?

At Kitabi eco-center you have a chance of breathing in fresh natural air, enjoy the sky views, and explore the wild. Also, you will experience accommodation in Rwandan king style huts, and of which you are treated like a true king! The place offers community activities such as a nature walk/community walk around the village, tea plantation visits, and harvest experiences.

You can reach Kitabi eco-center by different means such as air transport, and road. Here you will first reach Rwanda’s Kigali International Airport. To get to Kigali international airport there are many choices, you can make it by any airline as many of them fly to Rwanda several times a week. Such airlines are from countries from all over the world like European, African, Asian and American countries. For example, Qatar airways, Alliance air, Ethiopian airline, fly Dubai, Kenya airways and air Tanzania, Rwandair and many others. 

Reaching Kitabi eco-center by road: there is one option if you need to use road transport to Kitabi Eco-Lodge. Then you will take the road with public transport means or your tour company’s car from Kigali through Kamonyi district, to muhanga, then Nyanza which is basement of the Rwandan cultural and king’s palace museum, and then continue to Butare where Ethnographic museum is settled and pass through Nyamagabe, after you will reach Kitabi center. You will then be only five kilometers away from the RDB office. When you look in your light side you will see a small macadamia road connecting to that main one. That small road heads on the top of the hill of 300m of the altitude. You will see signs confirming the place around RDB and the main road.

Kitabi Eco Center
Kitabi Eco-Center – King’s Palace Accommodation

You can wonder how much staying at Kitabi eco-center will cost. And the answer is here there are two possibilities, the first one is camping, here you can come with your own camping gear and pay for camping field. It could cost between  $15 for a single, $25 for a couple or two people and $50 for a family of about four members. Also you can come and pay for tented camp with all camping gears including tent, sleeping bag, and mat at this stage you have to pay $20 for single, $30 for a couple or two people and $60 for family staying of about four members. But all above rates breakfast is included in.

Another choice of accommodation at Kitabi eco-center is staying in the King’s stylish accommodation in which the rates will vary according to the type of room and the number of people staying in. For example, if you stay in the King’s palace rooms which are of type single, you will pay $50, couple for $75, and family for $100 (four people). But if you choose to stay in the Prince’s palaces rooms you will have to pay $40 for single occupancy, $50 for a couple and family’s rate here is negotiable, there is no fixed price.

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