Nyungwe Forest National Park Animals

Nyungwe Forest National Park Animals

Nyungwe Forest National Park Animals are large and diverse in numbers ranging from primates, mammals, insects, birds and much more which attract tourists. Nyungwe National park is found in the country of  Rwanda, in the southwest part of the country of a thousand hills. The national park borders the country of Burundi, Lake Kivu in the south while Democratic-Republic of Congo in the west.

Nyungwe Forest is one of the preserved Montane rainforests in the central region of Africa. The park is located in the watershed which is between River Nile in the east, river Congo in the west. And the eastern part is where is one of the Nile sources is found.

Nyungwe National park was established in 2004, and it covers an area of approximately 980 sq.km of biodiversity of grassland, swamps, Bamboo, and Bogs. The park is located in Rusizi and is the nearest town is Cyangugu which is 54km to West. Bigugu mountain is located within the park premises.

Nyungwe national park animals include primates and these include Red tailed monkey, Angola colobus monkey, Ruwenzori colobus, Lhotse’s monkey, Silver monkey, Dents mona monkey, Golden monkey, Olive baboon, Vervet monkey, Grey-cheeked mangabey. Chimpanzees are the main tourist attraction and chimpanzee trekking is one of the tourist activities in the park. They keep moving from place to place and are not settled at all.  This makes the trek very exceptional and tiring. There are trained well-informed guides who take you through the whole process of chimpanzee trekking.

Most of the Nyungwe national park animals are in the Albertan Rift montane forest of the ecoregion in Africa.

Other Nyungwe national park animals species that can be found in the park include duikers, golden cats, duikers, Klipspringer, impalas, Bushbucks, Buffaloes, Elephants, Bushpigs, Gant forest hog, Blotched serval, Carnival genet, Congo clawless, Mongoose, otter, serval, felis, black-fronted duiker, western tree hyrax.

Most of these Nyungwe National park animals can be seen during your visit for Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park.

There are a number of different activities to encounter during your visit to the park where you can have a chance to view these Nyungwe Forest National Park animals and these include: 

Canopy walk: Enjoy an encounter of canopy walk, on feet of 50meters above the ground level. Canopy walk enables people to see a number of animals and bird species in the rainforest.

Chimpanzee trekking: Nyungwe Forest national park animals include a big number of chimpanzees that share 98% DNA with human beings. Watch them as they continue with their day to day activities in the forest such as grooming each other, playing, feeding and many more when you visit them on chimpanzee trekking activity.

Forest walk: During your visit to Nyungwe national park enjoy a forest walk in the forest where you will see a variety of species.

Monkey trekking: Nyungwe national park is very interesting, encounter on a monkey trek and see a number of monkeys as mentioned above.

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