Nyungwe National Park Fees for Residents

Nyungwe National Park Fees For Residents

Nyungwe National park fees for residents are the charges levied on non-foreigners for them to have access to the park for different activities. Nyungwe Park is located in the southwest part of Rwanda, bordering Burundi and Lake Kivu on the side of Democratic Republican of Congo. Nyungwe Forest national park is located in Rusizi town of Rwanda. The park inhabits a number of Chimpanzees, Colobus monkeys, Owl faced monkeys and many other primate species and mammals.

The activities include Canopy walk in the side of the of Igishigishigi Trail which is a 50 meter high and 100 meters long suspended bridge up in the canopy. The trail runs to the Kamiranzovu Marsh where the waterfalls are. The other main activities in Nyungwe National Park include Chimpanzee trekking, Nature Walks, Bird Watching, other primates trekking among others.

Nyungwe National park fees for residents are not so high as compared to the foreigners’ fees. For Chimpanzee trekking, residents who are Rwanda citizens pay RWF2,500, while others from the East African community pay USD 10, nonresidents USD 60, East African community Foreign Resident pays USD 60 per day, East African community students pay USD 5 a day and students of a foreign resident pay $30 per day.

Apart from chimpanzee trekking fees, there are other activities to encounter during your visit for which park Fees For Residents are charged.

Nyungwe National park fees for residents for doing Guided Nature walk: resident foreigners pay $30 per person, non-residents pay $40 per person, East African community residents pay $5 every day, Rwanda citizen pays RWF 1,500 per person, students that are foreign residents pay $20.

Nyungwe national park resident fees, for bird watching, Rwanda citizen pay 5000RWF per day, foreign residents pay 40$ each person, non-foreign resident each pays $50, Rwanda students pay RWF2000 per person, Foreign Resident student pays $80 each student and East Africa community student pays $10 for a person. East Africa community foreign Resident pays $50 per person, East African students pay RWF 5,000 per person, East African community student always pays 5$ for per head.

On the Nyungwe National park fees for resident, the park officers offer discounts to young people who are less than 16 years of age.

Nyungwe National park resident fees are paid for a number of Tourist activities which one can encounter after booking a safari. These include canopy walk, nature walk, culture trails, Chimpanzee trekking, Golden monkey trekking, primate walk, birding, scenery viewing and many more to encounter during your visit to Nyungwe National park.

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