Accommodations in Nyungwe Forest National Park

One & only nyungwe house / nyungwe forest lodge

One & only nyungwe house / nyungwe forest lodge

One & only nyungwe house formerly known as nyungwe forest lodge is the perfect choice for any travelers visiting Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda. Rwanda is truly a gift country. The country’s natural appearance leaves many visitors astounded by her beauty.

Visitors on a Rwanda Safari never miss a chance to visit Nyungwe Forest National Park. The national park is located in the southwestern part of Rwanda. It was gazetted as a national park in 2004 and covers an area of about 970 square kilometers.

Nyungwe forest national park is part of Nyungwe forest, which is one of the most biologically diverse rainforests on the African Continent. Visitors visiting the national park can take part in activities such as; chimpanzee trekking, guided nature walks, birding, hiking trips, Nyungwe Canopy Walk and visit tea plantations in Gisakura.

One & only nyungwe house / nyungwe forest lodge
One & only nyungwe house / nyungwe forest lodge

Although there is no accommodation facility within the national park itself, visitors can still find accommodation in lodges and hotels with close proximity to the national park; and one such lodge is Nyungwe Forest Lodge.

One & only nyungwe house / Nyungwe Forest Lodge is a luxury accommodation facility located on the edge of Nyungwe Forest National Park. The lodge is within close proximity to the national park, about 22kms from the lodge. It will take visitors staying at the lodge, about 33 minutes to get to Nyungwe national park.

The lodge features an African traditional setting and offers its guests five- star services, similar to those offered by any luxury lodges or hotels. The lodge was first established in March 2010 and is situated on a large tea plantation, at the foothill of Nyungwe Forest National Park.

The lodge is comprised of 22 spacious villas and two VIP suites. The rooms are wide and very spacious, and feature wooden panels, stone flooring and wall hangings made of local art pieces. The ambience in the guest rooms will give a visitor a warm feeling of being in a chic, traditional African homestead.

One & only nyungwe house / nyungwe forest lodge
One & only nyungwe house / nyungwe forest lodge

A great majority of the materials used to construct the rooms are eco-friendly and give visitors an insight of the lodge’s practice of sustainable tourism. Each room in the lodge gives visitors breathtaking views of the forest canopy on one side of a steep hill, as well as views of the enormous green tea plantations on another.

One & only nyungwe house /Nyungwe Forest Lodge features some shared areas like a restaurant, bistro, lounge, well-stocked bar, fitness center with a well-equipped gym, a conference center and gift shop. The lodge also has a swimming pool outside, with views of Nyungwe Forest Reserve.

The lodge boasts of a main lounge area which features a boma. Here, visitors staying at the lodge can enjoy a good meal with friends and family. Visitors can also use the lounge area to relax and unwind after a long day of adventure filled activities in Nyungwe national park.

The main lounge area in the lodge also features an outdoor heated pool or Jacuzzi, with views of the forest and where guests can enjoy a warm swim.

The lodge also has a walkway which passes through Gisakura tea plantations, offering a great options for visitors to take either early morning walks or late in the evening. The walkways lead visitors from their rooms to the lodge and through the tea plantations.

Taking nature walks at the lodge give visitors an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of birds living within forest trees and among the nearby bushes. Guests staying at the lodge also have higher chances of sighting primates like monkeys, baboons and chimpanzees.

The lodge has a restaurant which is very cozy, vibrant and with an African touch. The restaurant services its guests exquisite and mouthwatering meals, which comprise both local and international delicacies. The restaurant serves visitors healthy buffet meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The staff and chefs at the restaurant always make it a point to carter for the tastes and preferences of each guest staying at the lodge.

One & only nyungwe house Nyungwe Forest Lodge features amenities such as; a Jacuzzi, Wi-Fi, a backup generator, a fitness center/gym, bar and restaurant, swimming pool, business conference center, free ample parking, room service, laundry services, a 24- hour operational front desk office and many more.

The lodge offers guests first aid services with its well-trained first aid staff on standby, and a fully equipped first aid kit. The lodge also happens to be close to the main hospital in Kirambo which is located 35 minutes away from the lodge.

Visitors staying at One & only nyungwe house/ Nyungwe forest lodge can take part in activities such as; primate tracking, birding, nature walks and hiking trips, bush picnics, sundowners, swimming, fitness exercises at the gym, massages, spa and sauna treatments to mention but a few.

One & only nyungwe house / Nyungwe forest lodge can be accessed by visitors travelling from Kigali by road. The drive to the lodge from Kigali takes about four and a half hours, covering a total distance of about 218kms.

Visitors planning a Rwandan safari to Nyungwe National Park should not forget to book your stay at Nyungwe Forest Lodge.


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