Rubavu District

Rubavu District

Rubavu District the charm of Rwanda and is one of the districts of the Republic of Rwanda found in the western province 154.7 kilometers from Kigali the capital city of Rwanda which is a 2 hours 53 minutes drive. Rubavu district is full of a fresh breeze as it lies on the shores of Lake Kivu around the city of Gisenyi just adjacent the border from the Congolese city of Goma. Rubavu District is close to an active volcano mount Nyiragongo with Gisenyi as the main capital town in this district. Rubavu district covers an area of 388 kilometers with a population of 403,662 according to the population census of 2012, the district marks its beginning at the Congo Nile trail which extends 227 kilometers south of Rusizi.

Rubavu district has a very strategic location as it is 1-hour drive away from Volcanoes national park and has a good stopover to or from Nyungwe National Park and a suitable relaxation point from the hectic gorilla trekking or Chimpanzee trekking respectively. Rubavu is one of the mesmerizing destinations in Rwanda with numerous enjoyable attractions and water spots offering tropical feeling, the district hosts the biggest beach and resort in Rwanda, red sand beaches with warm clean water. The Congo Nile Trail can be enjoyed on foot or by mountain bike with an endless beautiful view of the lake and its blue waters. Rubavu town is a bigger district divided into 12 sectors which have different purposes.

  • Bugeshi sector: Bugeshi sector an area of 31.0 sq. kilometers is found in the extreme north of Rubavu District bordering Mudende in the south and Rusura in the west, this sector is prominent for Irish potatoes farming. 
  • Busasamana sector. Busasamana sector an area of 49.3 kilometers per square borders Mudende sector in the east, cattle rearing is the prominent activity carried out this sector and here you get great view of the mountains with their vegetation.
  • Cyanzarwe sector. Cyanzarwe sector is an area of 34.8 kilometer per square and in this sector you get to enjoy the magnificent of the hills filled with mist in the morning hours.
  • Gisenyi sector. Gisenyi sector is an area of 11 kilometers Sq. at an elevation of 1,481meters. This sector hosts the main town of Rubavu district lieing on the shores of Lake Kivu sharing a border with Goma city (Congolese border). This sector is more prominent for water sports as it harbors three sandy beaches. 
  • Kanama sector. Kanama sector covers an area of 42.9 km² found in the south east of the district bordering Nyakiliba in North West and Kanzenze in north. 
  • Kanzenze sector. Kanzenze sector is an area of 22.6 kilometers per square, this sector you get a spectacular view of rolling hills, impressive architectural small buildings, two genocide graves and IBERE RYA BIGOGWE, a rock resembling a woman’s breast with spectacular views of the valley is 200m from the main Rubavu-Musanze road. This area is ideal for biking and hiking.  
  • Mudende sector. Mudende sector is found in the north east of Rubavu district covering an area of 33. Kilometers, the area is prominent for the use of local methods for collecting rainfall and also hosts Imbabazi of Mudende an orphanage started by Mrs. Rosamond Halsey Carr a friend Dr. Dian Fossey purposely to taking care of orphans who were displaced due to the genocide. The sector borders Kanzenze in the south and Busasamana in west. 
  • Nyakiliba sector. Nyakiliba sector is one attractive destination covering area of 21.9 kilometers with Ikikombe cya Bunyongwe a natural crater lake which is deeper approximately 200 meters, this sector harbors numerous beautiful terraced slopes which are used for farming.
  • Nyamyumba sector. Nyamyumba sector the area of 23.3 km² is an area full numerous historical attractions and activities which are full of fun, in this sector tourist attractions include Nyamyumba Hot Springs, the ancient residence of Bishop Bigirumwami which was constructed in 1947 by Belgians (residence has a scenic view of lake kivu), 1918 First World War Graves a burial site for Belgian soldiers who died during the first world war. It also hosts Mugongo caves.
  • Nyundo sector. Nyundo sector most known as the Nyundo community lies on the Sebeya River east of Gisenyi town is the first areas in Rwanda where Catholics established a mission which currently used as the headquarters of the Roman Catholic diocese of Nyundo. This sector also hosts a seminary, schools and a residence of the bishop.
  • Rugerero sector. Rugerero sector is an area of 25.3 km² bordering Cyanzarwe in west and Kanzenze in east, here you get to enjoy clear skies and the hilly terrain.
  • Rubavu sector. Rubavu sector is an area of 25.7 km², in this sector you get to enjoy the fresh breeze on the shores of Lake Kivu, men fishing in canoe dugout boats and rolling hills right after the waters.
Town Areas in Rubavu District
Town Areas in Rubavu District

Attractions in Rubavu District

Rubavu district is an interesting destination with various tourist attractions which will leave you speechless and at the same time give you a new insight into African life include:

  • Pfunda tea estate. Pfunda tea estate is one of the main areas where tea growing takes place producing some of the world’s best teas, it lies between Virunga volcano and the rich volcanic soil 9 kilometers from Gisenyi town, farmers in this plantation are very welcoming and willing to take on a tour in the plantation showing you how to pick the tea leaves and how they are processed to tea.
  • Gisenyi public beach. Gisenyi public beach is a location to get tropical vibes, the beautiful scenery of the beach is created by a strip of yellowish sand, grey-green waters. Here you get to enjoy the beauty of the sun as it set while reflecting in the waters and beach fun filled activities like swimming, beach soccer and many more.
  • Rubona peninsula. Rubona peninsula is found 6 kilometers away from Gisenyi town, it is on Lake Kivu shores with hills rising steeply from the lake’s foreshore and patches of green gardens. The peninsular is a popular gateway with sandy beaches suitable for swimming. Sites of dozens of boats with men carrying out fishing adds magic to the beauty of the peninsula.   
  • Kayaking on Lake Kivu. Kayaking on Lake Kivu is another breathtaking activity place on the waters which very safe because the lake harbors no hippopotamus or crocodiles. 
  • Congo Nile Trail. The Congo Nile trail a trail of 227 kilometers offers to tour on foot or on a bike basing on the presence of the tourists with magnificent views of Lake Kivu. On this trail, you get to see several attractions like Pfunda tea estate, coffee plantations and cyimbiri were you witness coffee from the nursery bed way to the cup. 

Other attractions include Palm oil plantations and Hiking on mount Subaru. 

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Rubavu District
Rubavu District
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