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Should you Tip In Uganda?

Should you Tip In Uganda? Tipping in Uganda is an act that is prohibited within the tourism industry most especially during safaris. Therefore, tourists planning to travel to this country should note that tipping is not obligatory and service providers are also strictly advised not to accept it. More so, for a tourist visiting Uganda for a safari vacation and have questions about tipping in Uganda, you should know that there is nowhere in Uganda it is mandatory to tip. Tipping it is left to your discretion, to decide if you want to tip and how much you can tip.

However, ought one to leave a tip? Tipping is definitely encouraged when possible. Why? Because the majority of the workers in your chain of services make really little money, just enough to get by. A gratuity can make a significant difference in their lives and the lives of their direct dependents by augmenting their income.

Who should be tipped?

The folks you should tip are the ones who truly earn it, are the ones you will interact with frequently, and who make a noticeable effort to ensure you are getting excellent service.

Here are the people you should consider tipping.

Tour drivers/guides: If you are on a guided trip, the tour driver is your closest confidant, if I may say. This individual is going to ensure that your trip is fantastic. He or she shares a lot of information about places, things, and the local people. He or she also ensure you travel safely.

Activity/destination guides: at several safari destinations you will be visiting you will be received by a guide who will take you through an activity or destination, share information and ensure you relish the safari activity or experience. For instance, all active excursions, like as Uganda gorilla trekking or chimpanzee trekking, come with a guide. Additionally, guides are available at local landmarks, museums, and art galleries.

Should you Tip In Uganda?
Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda

Trackers: trackers are the people who go in advance of you to track the location of the gorillas and chimps and communicate with your guide that he or she can work out a route the to the gorillas and chimps. Although they are frequently disregarded, trackers are quite effective at staying in the jungle with these primates and making sure you don’t miss them. Just prior to your meeting with the primates, you will locate the trackers close to the gorillas or chimpanzees.

Waiters and waitresses: You will encounter them in your hotels and in restaurants while travelling.

Porters: Those who require assistance with carrying their backpacks and providing support in challenging circumstances can hire porters for $20 during their trekking expedition. You can give the porter an additional gratuity at the conclusion of the activity.

Security personnel: You will find security personnel at accommodations staffing the gates, and you will also be allocated security personnel during trekking safari activities in the park. Security personnel are some of the least appreciated people when tipping because there isn’t a lot of connecting with them, but they do an excellent job of guaranteeing your safety. They are also some of the least paid.

Who not to tip?

Managers and owners of businesses: These don’t require a tip because they are rather high up on the food chain.

Chefs: The next highest paid employees are managers, then chefs. You’re not required to tip these. However, if a chef helps prepare the most delicious meal you ever had then there is no compromise showing your thanks by a tip.

How much ought to I tip?

Now, for the majority of travelers especially those who have experience travelling and are aware that tips are required this is the most crucial question.

You are free to tip however much you think is appropriate and within your means.

When leaving tips for the people on the above list, you can use the following formula.

Tour drivers.

These get the largest gratuity.

$10 – $15 per day per tourist in the car.

When to tip.

However, if in case one is planning to tip, the right time to give in those tips is best after an activity is done because it seems like a token of appreciation that portrays they are satisfied of your services.

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