Tour Operators

Tour Operators

Tour Operators are companies that are registered under a common organisation or authority which governs tourism in a country. In Uganda tour operators are registered under Association of Uganda Tour Operators which is under Uganda Wildlife Authority the governing body that is responsible for tourism activities in Uganda.

For one to have an exclusively elegant and organised safari to Nyungwe Forest National Park, we advise that they get a trusted tour operator that will help them book their chimpanzee tracking permits, accommodation, transportation and meals. Some of the trusted tour operators in Uganda include the following;

Achieve Global Safaris
Tel: +256-392-177-904
Website: Achieve Global Safaris

Focus East Africa Tours

Tel: +255-764-687-041
Website: Focus East Africa Tours

Explore Rwanda Tours

Tel: +250-780-870-670
Website: Explore Rwanda Tours

Explore Tanzania Tours

The above mentioned tour operators are some of the most trusted tour operators in East Africa. For a traveler to verify how eligible or how trustworthy a tour operator is, they ought to check Google, tripadvisor and safari bookings. These are references that give the past experiences of different clients that a certain tour operator has handled. They help you know how a certain tour operator has been fairing on different trips. This is one of the most important factors that one should consider when choosing a certain tour operator to work with. Other factors that a traveler should consider while choosing a tour operator include the communication, packages provided and methods of payment.

Communication: This is an important factor that a traveler has to consider, in that if a you contact a tour operator, the your speed at which they reply your inquiry matters a lot. A tour operator who takes two days plus to reply a single inquiry is not a serious one, unlike a tour operator who replies your inquiry immediately. The speed at which the tour operator replies you inquiry shows the speed at which they shall follow up any issues or any inquiries on tour.

Packages provided: As usual any traveler would love to have a cheap safari. Therefore many people opt for cheaper packages, though any person going on tour has to make sure they look at the activities that are included in their itinerary. A tour operator might give you a cheaper package with less activities. Make sure your safari package matches up to what you have paid for in terms of activities, accommodation and all.

Methods of payment: Methods that you send to book your trip matter a lot as some people might give in their personal details to receive the money. These in the long run end up to be frauds. Make sure the payment is made to a certified company. You can make sure this is in order by calling Uganda Wildlife Authority or any other tour agency to confirm that the selected tour operator is legitimate.