What makes Uganda unique?

What makes Uganda unique? Visiting Uganda is always a dream to the people visiting the east African region; Uganda is one those most sought after destinations for vacation, safari, leisure among other things. And because of its popularity among travelers in this article we share some things that make Uganda unique and top destination for many.

  1. Naturally beautiful

Uganda is a naturally beautiful country, that’s why it’s called the pearl of Africa. From its assorted landscape, to numerous breathe taking physical features to the diverse vegetation, to rare features Uganda eludes beauty upon beauty in every corner. And that’s surely unique; because whichever region you visit in Uganda, you are assured of experiencing the country’s beauty – forests, hills, mountains, rivers, rocks, falls etc.

If you have read about Uganda before your visit you will know that the source of the Nile river is in Uganda, largest lake in the region lake Victoria is in Uganda, the one the deepest lakes in the world lake bunyonyi is in Uganda, one of the highest mountains in Africa Mt. Rwenzori, is Uganda.

The list goes on, because Uganda is naturally beautiful.

  1. Diverse wildlife

Uganda’s wildlife is one of the best if not the best in the region.  The country has over 1000 species of wildlife living in the different habitats across the country. From primates to savannah wildlife, to rare species, the diversity of the country’s wildlife is just amazing. When you visit Uganda you will see animals like the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys, baboons, the big five lions, tree climbing lions, elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, leopards, other animals like the cheetahs, kobs, giraffes, antelopes, impalas, zebras and many others.

The wildlife also extends to numerous bird species like Uganda’s national bird the crested crane the Albertine birds, shoe bill stork,  African eagle and others.

  1. Massive Wildlife Reserves and Most Affordable Safari Destination
What makes Uganda unique?
Lake Mburo National park

Of course, because of the huge number of wildlife species, Uganda’s game parks and reserves are massive and really extensive. You really have a blast touring these parks and seeing the animals from Bwindi National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Kibaale National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo National Park, lake Mburo national park to reserves like pian upe, semiliki and others. Its you experiencing the wild, beyond the ordinary.

Uganda’s safari destinations are also some of the most affordable of all time; compared to what Uganda gives you and what you pay, you surely get a deal of a lifetime. Case in point Uganda has the most gorillas in the region and to trek the gorillas in Uganda, you pay 700  usd, so much less than the other countries.

  1. People diversity and warmth

The people of Uganda are known to be warm and welcoming and happy; in fact Ugandans were named among the happiest people in a popular journal. So when you visit Uganda you will in company of good loving welcoming people, you will not miss home at all.

The other thing about Uganda the country has over 50 Tribes with Different Cultures, so if you are visiting the country for cultural experiences, Uganda will give you the most diverse and unique experience of your life.

  1. Good food

From fresh fruits, vegetables, food to unique local dishes and menus, Uganda’s food will leave you astonished. Uganda is gifted, most of all its food is fresh from the garden, so while in Uganda you get a chance to get some much needed organic foods. When you visit the local communities you also get the opportunity to taste local dishes unique to those communities. The fruits in the country also keep coming, so you can used the time to get your fruit intake up.

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