Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is located between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Albertine Rift, the East African Rift. The lake flows into Ruzizi River which flows southwards into Lake Tanganyika.

The lake is about 90 km long and 50 km wide, measuring the surface area of 2,700km2. Its Africa’s eighth largest lake. The lake sits on a height surface area of 1,460 meters above sea level.

Lake Kivu is 478 m deep, that’s why it’s the eighteenth deepest Lake in the world. It’s the ninth deepest. The 50% of water in this lake is within Democratic Republican of Congo.

Lake Kivu sits on a rift valley that keeps pulling apart, which causes volcanic activity in the area.

The lake inhabits Idjwi islands which are known as the tenth largest in the world. It is situated within Virunga National park.

Lake Kivu is surrounded by a number of Towns on its shores these include Kabare, Bukavu, Kalehe, Sake, Gisenyi, Kibuye, Cyangugu in Rwanda & Goma in Congo.

Lake Kivu is a freshwater lake together with Lake Nyos in Cameroon and Lake Monoun. The lake has undergone Limnic eruptions.

Lake Kivu’s methane is known for being a cheap natural resource which has been in existence for export. The methane has also been used for cheap power and however after some time there was a mechanism that led to overturn of the Lake which caused a lot of awareness of the risk that was posed to the local population. Its waters are fresh and good for anyone to swim.

Activities to  encounter at Lake Kivu.

Swimming this type of activity is carried out on the Lake. It gives an opportunity to tourists to relax and chill. It’s a perfect lake for swimming since there are no hippos, Crocodiles and no Bilharzia. The water temperature is suitable for everyone.

Relaxation along the shoes of the Lake after your Gorilla trek activity in Volcanoes National park and after your chimpanzee trekking activity. Relax along the shores of Lake Kivu enjoying the memories of your tour in Rwanda. There is a tropical sunshine where you can see the fishermen at the Lake, boats and the amazing breeze of the mountains.

Sports; Enjoy the water sports along the shores of Lake Kivu, including water skiing, paddling, windsurfing, boat rides, fishing and many more.

Hiking and Biking; The lake is a perfect area for biking and hiking and you can enjoy a nature walk as well in the nearby forests, visit villages, encounter in Congo trails, culture experience, climbing high hills and many more.

Coffee Visit There are a number of coffee plantations’ which you can enjoy on a boat ride on Lake Nyamirundi Island. The community will engage you in learning the process of coffee making and you’ll have a chance to taste the products made out of Coffee.

Gisenyi town: Visit the town of Gisenyi as well as the Imbabazi orphanage. The home was  started by Rosamond who lived in Mugongo village. She once supplied flowers from her garden to nearby hotels, Guest houses, until when she started an orphanage in 1994 in Gisenyi .

Beach: A number of Tourists visiting Lake Kivu get attracted to the amazing sandy beaches, where they relax, cool and enjoy the natural waves. A number of Gorilla trekkers relax along the beaches.

For those who would wish to stay at Lake Kivu, there a number of hotels to accommodate you according to your preference. Some of these include: Lake Kivu Serena hotel, Rushel Kivu lodge, Kivu paradis Resort, Paradis Malahide.

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