Location of Nyungwe Forest National Park on the map is shows it in the Southwest of the country (Rwanda). And it is located in the Albertine Rift, in the South East of the Lake Kivu. Nyungwe National Park can also be tracked by first knowing its neighbor districts in Rwanda. It is surrounded by five districts include:

Rusizi district – South west of Nyungwe: This district lies on the lake shores of Lake Kivu, which gives it a nice view of the mountainous district which shares a border with DRC. The district is known to be having the amazing water spring. The lowest altitude place in Rwanda belongs here, which is the Bugarara place. This is the only plain area in the West of Rwanda which is about 900 m above the sea level. The city of Rusizi is also popular to its food (Isambaza) and you don’t want to miss this when you are there. It is a 53 km drive from Rusizi border and 34 km drive from Kamembe town of Rusizi to Gisakura reception center. It’s also a 49 km drive from Kamembe to Uwinka reception center.

Nyaruguru district – SouthEast of Nyungwe: This district is one of the best pilgrimage sites in Rwanda, and it’s called the holy land. There is an annually trip of Catholic churches to this area from different parts of the continent, countries, and regions. It is an 87 km drive from Nyaruguru to Kitabi reception center and 122 km drive from Nyaruguru district to the one of the famous Nyungwe reception centers which is Uwinka in the center of the park.

Nyamagabe district -East of Nyungwe: This district is the second after Huye (Butare) district when you drive heading to nyungwe. It is characterized by high mountains and here you have chance to view many tea plantations especially when you reach Kitabi sector. You may also see baboons which are plenty around the road in this area. For food lovers, you will go with the cheapest Brochette on road in Kitabi center, but not recommended because there is no food security guarantee. It takes 21 km from Nyamagabe town to nearest Nyungwe’s reception center which is Kitabi reception center on the entry of the park when you are driving from Kigali, but also it takes a 56 km drive from Nyamagabe town to Uwinka reception center.

Karongi district – North West of the Nyungwe: This is one of the best resort districts of Rwanda which is a high mountain district. It offers the best great view of Kivu Lake and its islands. You can’t get tired of seeing this view, and honeymooners are advised to go there. The district is known also for its famous coffee, so do coffee tours when you are there. The first stylish tea plantation which is Gisovu tea estate is also located in this place. It takes you a 91 km drive from Karongi district to Gisakura reception center, and also 109 km driving from Karongi district to Uwinka reception center.

Nyamasheke district – West of Nyungwe: This district is characterized by cold climate and it is a resort district, with a nice view of the Lake Kivu and the tea plantation estate. It is only a 41 km drive from Nyamasheke district to Gisakura reception center which is the nearest one to Nyamasheke, but also it is also a 59 km drive from Nyamasheke District to Uwinka reception center. This district is also a 219 km drive from Kigali, 216 km drive from Rubavu district.

Nyungwe National Park is a high tropical mountainous forest with high altitude and is within one of the Congo Nile divide mountains chain. Nyungwe stands at an elevation of about 1600-2950 m above the sea level. The highest point is mount Bigugu with an altitude of 2950 m above the sea level. So this elevation gives it the chance to have a good climate with much rain of about 2000 mm of annually and also a moderate temperature.

Nyungwe Forest national park  continues to be one unique parks in east Africa  alongside others in In Uganda, Kenya  and Tanzania