Getting to Nyungwe

Getting to Nyungwe Forest National Park

Getting to Nyungwe Forest National Park is not as hard as it may seem because Rwanda’s infrastructure is developed and the roads leading to the park a re clear. There are different ways of getting to  Nyungwe National Park from Kigali or anywhere in Rwanda as the choice is yours depending on how fast and comfortable you want to reach there.

Getting to Nyungwe from Kigali to Rusizi town

By Road 

Travelling with a private car: It is better to hire a private vehicle for the sake of not spending a long time driving. The cost of a car hire depends on the type of car and number of the seats (4-4 car) is recommended. You can hire a car from tour operators or get it from car hire companies around Kigali.

Travel by public bus: There is a bus (coaster) that takes off every hour from Nyabugogo Bus station to Rusizi. You will need to be at Nyabugogo bus station in the early morning to catch the first bus to Rusizi because the journey with a bus takes much longer than using a private car. It takes about seven to eight hours and it includes a 30 minutes stopover in Nyanza at Hadji’s restaurant for buying some packed food and snacks.

After one hour of driving in the middle of the Nyungwe forest, you will reach Uwinka reception Centers and that’s where the bus will drop you for those who will do only one days visit. For those who plan to spend more than one day in the nyungwe, the bus will drop you at Gisakura center where it will be easy to find where to stay.

Quickest Routes To Nyungwe National Park

Kigali to Nyungwe via Huye town: This is the Drive from Nyabugogo Taxi Park to Kamonyi, Muhanga, Ruhango, Nyanza, Huye and Nyamagabe district which touches Nyungwe forest. While driving through this route you will pass to many historical and cultural sites such as King’s palace and Kamegeri rock in Nyanza district. There is also an ethnographic museum in Huye district.

Kigali to Nyungwe via Karongi town: Driving from Nyabugogo Taxi Park this route goes all the way to Kamonyi and Muhanga, Karongi district and Nyamasheke district which is also touches Nyungwe forest. While driving in this road you will pass some historical sites such as Ndaba rock and Bisesero Genocide Memorial site. From Karongi to Rusizi you will enjoy the best view of Lake Kivu shore as you drive.

Public transport companies that operate Kigali to Rusizi

There are also some Public transport companies that operator vehicle from kigali to rusizi which can make it easier for some travelers who are on safari. These operators don’t charge a lot so budget tourists can opt for this. Some of these tour companies include;  Ritco express (Kigali-Karongi-Rusizi), Alpha express (Kigali-Nyungwe-Rusizi) and Omega express (Kigali-Nyungwe-Rusizi). The roads in these options are safe and in good condition making the journey smooth. 

Travel by air

For the those who want to have their safari as quick as possible, they can opt for travelling by air. Reaching to the park by air transport is very quick and fascinating as your able to view rwanda from above. Some companies that operate flights for getting to Rwanda include:

Fly with Rwandair: For those who want to reach nyungwe in a very short time can book Rwanda flight. Rwandair offers domestic flights from Kigali to Kamembe national airport. After reaching Kamembe airport you will need a car to pick you up to Nyungwe.

Fly with Akagera aviation (helicopter): You can also to fly by Helicopter with Akagera aviation from Kigali to Nyungwe at one and only Nyungwe house.  As a result, this flight will offer you a scenic view of endless rolling hills, Nyungwe forest, and tea plantation field.

Getting to Nyungwe By Water

From Rubavu or Karongi-Kamembe to Nyungwe: For those who love adventure and have enough time to spare, this is the best option to reach Nyungwe and Explore Lake Kivu at the same time while enjoying a boat ride, interacting with locals, islands view.

The journey takes around 6-8 hours.

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