Travel tips to Rwanda

Travel tips to Rwanda

Travel tips to Rwanda will give you an insight of what you need to do to stay safe and enjoy your rwanda safaris. Also you’ll get to know where to go. The country is one of the best destinations in the world, the experience is amazing and is a better place to visit in Africa. It has also been termed the cleanest country in Africa.

Rwanda is an eco-friendly country with amazing up marketing strategy. It has the best world class lodges in the wilderness. Rwanda as a country is famously known as a country of a thousand hills. The country has become the gateway to the heart of Africa such the pearl of Africa Uganda and Congo. Rwanda is one of the amazing tourist destinations in Africa part of the countries that inhabit the mountain Gorillas in the world.

Travel Tips to Rwanda

Rwanda is a small country making the tourist destinations easily accessed because of short distances.

Rwanda can be visited all year round, because of its mild climate and good elevation.

Among the Travel Tips to Rwanda is that there are two rainy seasons. However still in the wet season the sun will always come out after the rain and yet the country experiences favorable weather conditions.

Among the Travel Tips to Rwanda is that Rwanda as is Safe and secure for any traveler and one can walk safely in Kigali both at night and during the day. There is security everywhere within the country.

Rwanda Travel Tips include that it is free from health issues, however you should opt for good hotels and lodges that take health precautions serious when finding your self a meal and accommodation. One should always avoid street food unless you’re buying from an up market restaurant.

Also among the Travel tips to Rwanda is about the use of money in the country. The US dollar currency can be used at foreign exchange and credit cards are accepted in the country though the local currency is rwandan francs and cash is the main payment method.

Travel Tips Rwanda, Rwanda visa can as well be purchased online; some countries do not use a visa.

One can choose to apply for a visa at a Rwandan Embassy in your home country. The visa is not obtained at the point of entry. One can as well opt for an East African visa.

Travel Tips for Rwanda include a tip about tips. Tipping is norm in the restaurants of the country, tipping a drive, guide who is touring with you for a chimpanzee trek, Gorilla trekking, game drive and wildlife. So feel free to tip as much as you can.

Communication is mainly by Mobile phones in Rwanda as a country at large. There are mobile sim cards in remote areas and the cell phones are easily purchased in the country. However if you use the international card roaming charges might occur. While in the country you will have to unlock your phone for better communication.

There is internet access for visitors in the country  and is available in cafes, restaurants, Hotels, lodges and many more. Access to WIFI is available, it’s free to use and a router can be purchased if you’re in a group. Use smart phones, laptops, and tablets for easy access of communication.

The country has a number of safari activities to encounter including lakes, rivers, Volcanoes, mountain Gorillas, chimpanzees, Golden monkey trekking, montane Forest and so much more.

List of Tourist attractions:

Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park, Mount  Karisimbi, Mount Bisoke, Kigali Genocide Memorial, Mount Gahinga, Lake Ruhondo, Lake Burera, Lake Ihema, Gishwati Forest, Inema Arts Centre, Ethnographic Museum, Musanze Caves, Kimironko Market, Caplaki Craft Village, Ivuka Arts Studio, Niyo Arts Gallery, Akagera National Park, Dian Fossey Memorial, Nyamata Genocide Memorial Centre, Nyamirambo Women’s Centre, Murambi Genocide Memorial Centre, Forest  Naturally de Cyamudongo, King’s Palace Museum ,Gabiro, Akagera National Park, Volcanoes National Park Headquarters, Belgian Peacekeepers Memorial, Lake Kivu, Rwanda Art Museum,1000 Hills Distillery, Sainte-Famille  Church, Les Chutes de Ndaba, Mukura Forest Reserve, Davinci Gorilla Lodge, Mgahinga National Park, Akagera National Park South Entrance, Mount Huye, Abraham Konga Collections, Bisesero Genocide Memorial Centre ,Kandt House,Nyanza Genocide Memorial Centre, Blue Monkey Tours in Kibuye, Lake Mugesera, Casino Kigali, Museum of Environment, Mount Kabuye ,Kigali Cultural Village, Nyanza Genocide Memorial, National Art Gallery and much.

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