Packing List For Nyungwe National Park

Packing List For Nyungwe National Park

Packing List For Nyungwe National Park are the main things you have to carry as you travel to do any activity in Nyungwe Forest successfully. Below are some of these essentials you need in Nyungwe Forest National Park:

Travel and ID documents

This is the most important on your Packing List For Nyungwe National Park and you have to remember to bring these documents with you when you are about to explore nyungwe Forest National Park, These travel documents include the passport or ID for domestic tourists and permit for the activity to be done. You must present them at the park reception right before starting the activity of interest so that you may be assigned a guide.

Park guide

Nyungwe National Park is different from other parks like Akagera national park where you can drive yourself without the park guide.  In Nyungwe, an experienced park guide accompanies visitors on all hikes and excursions.  You must Check in at reception center to reserve a guide before hiking any trail.

Rain gear

Nyungwe national park as tropical rain forest it can rain anytime since the weather is unpredictable sometimes. The rain can become very heavy and fast especially during the rainy seasons which is starts in March to May. So it’s better to carry your raincoat with you as a must have on your Packing List For Nyungwe National Park.


In a nyungwe national park, weather can be unpredictable so it is better to carry an appropriate and comfortable hat to protect yourself from the sun especially during the dry season which starts from June to September and cold wind during the morning or night.


No matter how long your activity will take or how high the altitude is, remember to pack enough drinking water to avoid dehydration. Make sure to drink plenty of water.

Hiking boots

Some trails in a nyungwe national park can be slippery especially during the rainy season. Make sure to bring closed shoes with low heels to protect you from the slippery and painful injuries.

Hiking stick

The park management provides to the tourists with a light and wooden walking stick before starting the tour so remember to take one for you to hike safely in areas with muddy or steep slopes


If you have camera remember to bring it to keep your memories alive with beautiful photos of Nyungwe natural forest with its special landscape, places, people, plants and wildlife. It will definitely make your journey beautiful and memorable.


The beautiful animals of nyungwe can be hard to spot sometimes without this extra helping equipment especially the birds and primates.   


Even if weather in nyungwe is sometimes cloudy and chilly, the sun can also become strong and can harm your skin especially during the dry season, which starts from June to September.

Insect repellant

Nyungwe national park as tropical rain and dense forest with moist vegetation along the trails which encourages all kinds of insects that can disturb you during the hike.


Nyungwe national park hikes sometimes start before dawn so remember to carry a flashlight just in case to keep you out of the dark.

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