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Visit Lake Kivu In Rwanda

Visit Lake Kivu In Rwanda : One of Africa’s most stunning lakes, Lake Kivu, is situated in the Albertine Rift, close to the Congolese border, surrounded by mountains, and bordered by some of the best inland beaches in Africa.  Lake Kivu is one of central Africa’s three “exploding lakes” because of the concentration of gases circulating in its depths. It is millions of years old and was formed along with the chain of lakes that make up Africa’s Great Lakes. Lake Kivu has periodically experienced intense volcanic activity. How to use this potential source of energy is currently being discussed. The gases are flammable, and Lake Kivu is very deep.

It has long been a special vacation spot for knowledgeable Rwandans and visitors from other countries, though it is still somewhat of a closely-kept secret. The genocide of 1994’s aftereffects and the common travel advice to “play it safe” have both had an impact on the country’s relatively low tourist density. In fact, the best lakeside towns one could hope to visit, Kibuyu and Gisenyi, have so far been unaffected by issues across the border.

 Nevertheless, 1994 was a terrible year for the region. For instance, a startling 90% of the local Tutsis in Kibuyu were massacred. A church that serves as a memorial to the 11,000 dead is located nearby on a hill.

Kibuyu is now, however, a fantastically laid-back location. The beach is stunning, the water is warm, clear, and teeming with life, and although the problems are still present, they no longer completely consume the locals. The lodging is excellent, as is the service, and there are frequent boat trips to Amahoro Island, whose name, One Bar, is a literal description of what it holds, and to Chapeau Napoleon, an island whose colony of fruit bats never ceases to amaze.

Gisenyi and Cyangugu are two more noteworthy languages. Gisenyi, the first of these, is located to the north. It’s a charming old town with a deteriorating colonial facade, top-notch lodging, and locally brewed lagers. Imbazazi Orphanage is situated there as well. Imbazazi, a community established in response to the genocide, has over the years provided refuge to thousands of orphaned children and is very hospitable to interested visitors.

 At the opposite end of the lake, in Cyangugu, there is more of a border town feel. It serves as a stepping stone for all visitors heading to Nyungwe National Park while still being welcoming and functional.


Rwanda’s kayaking experience on Lake Kivu is one of the country’s most distinctive and popular tourist attractions/activities. This experience is one of the best ways to spend your day. Tourists typically choose this activity after going gorilla or Mountain golden monkey trekking in the nearby Volcanoes National Park, which is an hour’s drive from Lake Kivu. It also frequently serves as a weekend getaway from the hectic weekday schedule and is ideal for visitors with limited time who still want to participate in an experience in Rwanda of some kind.

Visit Lake Kivu In Rwanda
Lake Kivu

The Kayaking Experience on Lake Kivu in Rwanda enables visitors to explore the startling landscapes that surround the clear, blue waters and shores of this lovely lake while rowing leisurely and taking in the fresh breeze. Since there are no crocodiles or hippos in the lake to worry about, the kayaks are always excellent, stable, and easy to paddle, all of which will make your experience amazing.

The majority of visitors paddle along the lake’s northern shoreline from Gisenyi, where they can enjoy the magnificent views of the channels and narrows, anglers mending their nets on the shore during the day, and the scene at dusk of unique traditional fishing boats with anglers singing musically as they use the water to depart into the evening of fishing, which is a moment to remember. You should use your kayak to observe a variety of abundant bird species that dart through the surrounding hedges along the coastlines of the lake’s unique little islands. Become more relaxed and explore some of the estates and coffee islands.

If you’ve never kayaked, relax because Lake Kivu in Rwanda kayaking experiences aren’t intended for experts, so no skills or experience are necessary aside from a basic appreciation of wellness. Naturally, you will always have a professional assistant by your side who will provide you with all the necessary guidance and assistance.

The shores of Lake Kivu are lined with lovely facilities and a spotless coastline with plenty of sandy beaches where one can relax and enjoy the sunsets. Additionally, there are a ton of other breathtaking water sport activities and excursions that visitors can take part in, including sport fishing, the angler’s experience, boating on Lake Kivu, and many more. For more details on the other activities in Lake Kivu apart from Kayaking Experience, get in touch with us.

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