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Why Rwanda is the Cleanliest City in Africa

Why Rwanda is the Cleanliest City in Africa: Rwanda is known for many things, including being the land of 1000 hills and home to the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas! Nonetheless, Rwandans are most proud of their city’s status as Africa’s cleanest. Mostly because, unlike the God-given beauty that graces the land, it is a characteristic that each and every Rwandan consciously strives toward.

Rwandans are most proud of their city’s status as Africa’s cleanest. Mostly because, unlike the God-given beauty that graces the land, it is a characteristic that each and every Rwandan consciously strives toward.

Keeping Kigali clean is not a natural process; it needs an all-hands-on-deck attitude, effort, and discipline from the general people, as well as the institutionalization of activities and the passage of regulations that support cleanliness in all parts of life.

Non-biodegradable plastic bags and other similar materials were banned in 2008, with a fine of more than $150 and a sentence of 6 to 12 months jail for sellers caught selling them. This dramatically improved the metropolis and placed the country on a path to holistic cleanliness, while also lowering pollution and providing a clean air environment in the city.

Umuganda is a well-known tradition that takes root in the Rwandan culture of seeking answers to our issues and cooperation- It was the first step toward not just a clean city, but also a clean country, clean houses, and an emphasis on personal cleanliness for all citizens to thrill while on Safaris Rwanda Safari

Why Rwanda is the Cleanliest City in Africa
Why Rwanda is the Cleanliest City in Africa

Since 2009, Rwandans have gathered in their communities or at their homes to work on a specific project, which might range from cleaning a public garden to assisting someone in repairing their home (especially during the rainy season when dwellings can be destroyed) to planting trees. Through third-party tour operators, our hotel organizes trip packages for clients interested in participating in Umuganda festivities.

The Rwanda National Police, in accordance with environmental legislation, imposed a fine ranging from 10.000 to 100.000 rwf for littering in the city. Kigali District has also installed rubbish bins across the city to urge people and tourists to avoid littering.

Recently, a stringent garbage collection system was put in place; trash is collected every Tuesday, and each family pays 2000 Rwf per month, while businesses pay roughly 10,000 Rwf per month in public cleaning tax, to maintain long-term cleanliness in the city and the country as a whole.

According to Reuters, the city is also attempting to establish garbage collection locations in all suburbs and is collaborating with local companies to create public restrooms around the city. Furthermore, hotels and restaurants must adhere to rigorous sanitary rules in order to protect inhabitants’ health.

The many environmental projects and awareness campaigns have had a domino effect on the inhabitants of the region, increasing the awareness of various companies about environmental protection.

Places to visit and Activities to do during your stay in Kigali City, Rwanda.

Climb Mount Kigali

Climbing Mount Kigali may be precisely what you need if you enjoy adventure. It is not a mountain in the traditional sense, but it is Kigali’s tallest hill, reaching 6,000 feet. The walk begins in Nyamirambo, near the Sun City Hotel. Because of the mild slopes, trekking to the summit of the mountain is rather simple. The summit of Mount Kigali provides breathtaking views of the city as well as opportunity for stunning photography.

While on top of Mount Kigali, you may stop for food and beer at the Mera Neza tavern or go horseback riding at the Fazenda Sengha horse ranch. Visitors may enjoy BBQ on a platform on the ranch overlooking the gorgeous city.

Visit a bowling alley

Mamba Club was the first establishment in Kigali to open a bowling alley. The club, located in Kimihurura, has contributed to increase the sport’s popularity among Rwandans. The club features quality imported bowling equipment and organizes various indoor athletic activities that be enjoyed in a friendly setting with superb foreign and local cuisines available.

Visit Inema Art Center

A trip to an African city isn’t complete unless you visit one of the art/craft shops, and Kigali is no exception. Rwandans like art, and if you want proof, pay a visit to their houses and sitting rooms. The Inema Art Center is Kigali’s premier art center. This institution was founded in 2012 by Innocent Nkurunziza and Emmanuel Nkuranga. The Centre today accommodates around 13 of the top artists in the country, as well as foreign guest artists. Kigali is the place to go if you’re looking for magnificent African sculptures and paintings. It is possible to observe the artists at work or to learn to dance and drum.

Why Rwanda is the Cleanliest City in Africa
Why Rwanda is the Cleanliest City in Africa

The center also hosts yoga lessons for guests and has a bar that opens on Thursdays so that visitors may listen to music while admiring the art exhibits. Check out the renowned Abraham Konga Collections for the greatest Jewellery selection. Konga makes high-quality earrings and necklaces out of recycled materials. The Marriot Hotel’s Go Kigali Boutique sells high-quality jewellery, shoes, and books. Go Kigali Boutique also sells baskets, clothing, and a wonderful map of Kigali.

 Visit Shopping Malls in Kigali.

Nakumatt is located in the Union Trade Centre and is now the largest supermarket in the town center. Almost everything may be found there.

Go Skydiving

After being introduced very lately, this pastime has become quite popular in Kigali. Jumping from a tiny plane to the ground will send your excitement through the roof. Anyone may participate in the exercise, although it requires much mental preparation. The instructors provide instruction on all elements of safety, including how to set up the parachute. The teacher will stay near you or with you until you reach the ground thus Why Rwanda is the Cleanliest City in Africa.

Go Horseback Riding

Kigali provides horseback riding through the picturesque countryside and around Mount Kigali, with spectacular views of the city. Horseback riding is available in Mount Kigali’s Fazenda Sengha and Rugende Park.

Riding a horse is something that anybody can do. Before embarking on the long trip, riders are taken on a practice ride around a pen or tree, where they learn the fundamentals of horsemanship.

Visit Kigali Golf Club

Non-members can play for a modest charge at the Kigali Golf Club in Nyarutarama, which also provides golfing equipment and bags. The club’s 18-hole course is well-kept and picturesque.

Fishing Lake Muhazi

In Kigali, Lake Muhazi is the ideal area to go fishing. The lake is approximately one hour’s drive from Kigali via road. The lake is around 32 kilometers long and includes various fishing locations where you may cast your line from a speedboat or a canoe. The view around the lake is spectacular, which adds to the pleasure of the activity.

Kigali Convention Center

The Center is located near to the well-known Radisson Blu Hotel. The Kigali Convention Centre is a well-known landmark in Kigali. It was designed in the shape of a beehive and features stunning lights that shine brightly at night. The architect is reported to have been influenced by the King’s palace in Nyanza, which has a similar architecture.

Visit Kimironko Market.

Visiting local markets is the greatest method to learn about a country’s culture. You may learn about their favourite foods and how they interact in the market. Kimironko Market is undoubtedly Kigali’s largest local market. It is located outside of the city center and boasts the finest selection of fresh vegetables, fruits, species, and flours.

In Conclusion: If you’ve chosen to visit Africa’s best-kept secret, you may want to take a Rwanda Safari of the region’s cleanest and greenest city. We will take you up from the airport for free, and we offer pricing to suit all budgets.

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