Bisesero Genocide Memorial Centre

Bisesero Genocide Memorial Centre

Bisesero Genocide memorial centre is located in the town of Kibuye – Karongi in the western part of Rwanda. The genocide memorial centre commemorates the Rwandan genocide in 1994 where there was a number of 40,000 people who were killed in the area. It is found on a hill which is approximately 60 km by road.

A number of people close to 40,000 people as mentioned were killed in Bisesero and this happened because there was a defense request to France troops, who assisted, however there was no mandate to intervene later on.

There are other Memorial centers in the area including Muramba Memorial centre, Kigali Memorial centre, Ntarama Genocide Memorial centre, Nyarubuye memorial centre and Nyamata.

Bisesero Genocide Memorial Centre is Rwanda’s unique National Genocide memorial site and during the accordance of the genocide in 1994, Tutsis were gathered to resist their killers that were following them.

Tutsis used the steep hills where the Bisesero memorial is located and they threw rocks and sticks. Some of the Tutsis were armed with machetes. This was one of the strong stands made by Tutsis during the genocide.

There was a success of battles and the Hutu forces arrived with heavily armed soldiers, equipped with modern firearms and heavy attackers. However the Tutsis fought back, even though later on they were overpowered with a great loss of 50% when they retreated back into the hills.

Since the Genocide started in April 1994, the French operator in June had to create a safe zone, in the south western part of Rwanda. Tutsis during this time were still standing in the hills of Bisesero. Some believe that the French operators encouraged the Tutsis to come out from the hill, but left them alone in the forest. Over 40,000 people were killed and only about 1,000 people escaped and survived the incidence.

Bisesero Genocide Memorial Centre was constructed in 1997 and this building has a number of dry bones, surrounding graveyards with over 50,000-60,000 bodies buried in the area.

There things to see in Bisesero Genocide Memorial centre. When visiting the memorial site enjoy the Zigzag trail walks, as you enjoy the steep slopes of the hills and also see the symbols on the way where the Tutsis passed as they fled from the Hutu killers.

While at Bisesero Genocide Memorial Centre, learn about the story of the Tutsis and how they were killed. See the memorial buildings and rows of skulls and piled bones.

The genocide is located 10-15 km on shores of Lake Kivu and when you’re at the hilltop of Bisesero you can easily view the Lake.

Therefore after your safari to Nyungwe Forest national Park for chimpanzee trekking, you can decide to make your way to the Bisesero Genocide Memorial Centre to get a tale of the whole story that occurred and how the people died in this area.

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