Culture and Tribes

Culture and Tribes of People around Nyungwe

Culture and tribes of people living nearby Nyungwe National park are rich and very interesting as the people in these communities their cultural ways of life.

Rwanda is rich in culture and tribes with amazing food, songs, and dances. You can learn from the cultural experiences of the cultures in Rwanda as you enjoy the local interactions with the local communities. Some of the culture encounters include Kitabi cultural village, Banda community village, the Cyamundo culture group and Friends of Nyungwe troops. These troops bring in different lifestyles that enjoyed more life in Nyungwe Forest Park.

Nyungwe national park covers an area of 1000 square kilometers and the park is one of the world’s most beautiful mountain rainforest. History has it that the park is believed to be one of Africa’s oldest forests, through the ice age, which explains its diversity.

Nyungwe National park has a number of habituated chimpanzees that total to 12 primate species, these including over 400 strong troops of Ruwenzori Black and white Colobus. The park inhabits a number of bird species to over 300 the birds include 17 endemics with other 80 mammal species.

Nyungwe offers a variety of tourist activities including hiking, biking, chimpanzee trekking, canopy walk, birding, waterfall trail many more.

Nyungwe Forest National park, has over 15 species of primates these including, L’Hoest’s, Blue monkeys, white colobus monkey, chimpanzees are the main activities to encounter, the habituated primates are over 500 individuals.

Explore the diverse Culture and tribes of people around Nyungwe National park and discover how rich in culture they are rooted. Enjoy the music, dance, and drummer of culture and walks/tours of Banda Village. This is an area where people have lived for over 50,000 years.

During the culture & tribes visit have an opportunity to engage in activities such as basket weaving, food tasting, traditional ceremonies.

Uwinka is the reception center of Cyangugu from Butare and all the culture and tribes walks start from this area.

There are other cultural trailheads of Nyungwe Forest for your culture and tribes experience in Rwanda including the ones mentioned below:

Gishigishigi: This is one of the places for the culture experience around Nyungwe national park. the hike is 2.5 km with amazing views of the canopy and you can be combined with Umoyove and Imbaraga.

Karamba: Karamba is located on the former site of gold mining; it’s the birding site in Nyungwe National park with a lot of cultural experiences.

Umugote Trail: There amazing trails to encounter including the rainforest, with flowers

Umoyove: These areas provide access to views of Chimpanzees and trees.

Irebero Trail: Irebero trail, is one of the high peaks in Nyungwe national park, in this area, you will view Lake Kivu of Rwanda.

Imbaraga Trail: Experience the hiking trails with the sight of the waterfall is great. The trek is 10km distance.

Bigugu Trail: Bigugu trail is located in the highest peaks of Nyungwe and you’ll see a number of hills and islands of Domestic Republican of Congo.

Isuma trail: The trail takes you through the rainforest with steep slopes. You will see the big waterfalls in Nyungwe National park.

Kamiranzovu Trail: The trail is a water enthusiast which features the park’s wetland. Visit also the ancient swamp of the waterfalls which has a lot of culture and tribes attachments.

Muzimu trail: Hike in the northeastern part of Rwanda, taking one through the eucalyptus forest.

Ngabwe Trail: The trail leads to camping sites and picnic areas in Nyungwe.

Rukuzi trail: Culture and tribes of this place will be experienced in the amazing locations of Banda village.

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