Getting to Nyungwe National Park

Getting to Nyungwe National Park

Getting to Nyungwe National park is a simple procedure as most of the roads are tarmacked well and the road networks are easy. Nyungwe is located in the southwest part of Rwanda, which borders Lake Kivu and Democratic-Republica of Congo. It also borders Burundi in the south and the park is located near Cyangugu town. Nyungwe National park is a 226 km and 5 hours drive from Kigali city.

Getting to Nyungwe National park will require one to drive to the park from Kigali or fly there.

Getting to Nyungwe by Road; Contact a tour and travel agency for a safe car hire service which is in good condition or you can choose to hire a car.

Getting to Nyungwe National park by bus is possible and one will use the buses that head to Ruzizi from Nyabugogo Bus Park in Kigali. You will set off at Uwinka travelers Center, however, the bus takes longer. It might take you an 8 hours drive. Some buses are seen driving through the park, however, they are always quite full.

You need to use a comfortable car for hire which is very convenient in order to avoid hustling between Uwinka center and Gisakura.

Car hire costs can go up to 40,000RWf per day. You will start the journey from Kigali, and travel to the south and there you will come across the towns with rolling hills. You will continue to drive through Huye town and it only takes 34 km from the capital city of Rwanda.

The roads are very smooth and sharp and the country is found in the rolling hills, therefore, one should be very careful. The distance to Nyungwe National park is also quite long.

Drive for an adventure through a few roads that direct you from Kigali southwest to Muhanga, then south to Nyanza and to Huye town which is on the western side towards Nyamagabe.  It also happens to be near the Nyungwe park entrance.

Getting to Nyungwe National park will not have you sitting the whole journey as you will enjoy some stopovers as you at Nyanza King’s palace in Nyabisindi. You will see the historical landmark which has recently been reconstructed. The palace has full information about the Rwanda culture, history and Royalty of Rwanda’s kingdom.

Take time to visit the sights and sounds at the National Museum where you will see things such as the traditional entertainment, arts, crafts, and enjoy the Intore dancers on your way as well as the Gikongoro genocide memorial on your way.

Getting to Nyungwe National park, by Air will require you to book with RwandaAir transport.

RwandaAir offers the best domestic flights, and there are a total of 9 flights in a week from Kigali to Kamembe international airport.

From Kamembe airport it takes 40km to Nyungwe forest lodge. The lodges offer helicopter pickups, and one can arrange it for those who can afford it, for example, One & Only Nyungwe Lodge.

Arrange with your tour company to have a great safari to Nyungwe Forest National park.

Getting to Nyungwe National park, the park inhabits a number of mammals and these include the Chimpanzees, monkeys, blue monkeys, black and white monkeys, colobus monkeys, warthogs, antelopes and many more.

The main tourist activity is Chimpanzee trekking which is done daily as you see the chimpanzees close to human beings and the other most sought activity in Nyungwe National Park is the Canopy Walk. The Canopy Walk, in Nyungwe forest, is built 50 m above the forest. However, it’s not for the faint-hearted, as you will have to get rid of phobia because it’s really an amazing sight to be seen by everyone.

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