Nyungwe Top View Hotel

Nyungwe Top View Hotel

Nyungwe Top View Hotel is a medium-range 3 stars hotel, the only one with the name hotel in the Gisakura center because others are just guest houses, lodges, hostels. It is located in the Western province of Rwanda, Nyamasheke district, Gisakura center in very few kilometers from Kamembe airport in Rusizi district. The hotel is set on the top of a hill, in about 500m from the main road of Gisakura to Rusizi or Gisakura to Kigali. Its location favors the great view of the environment around such as the incomparable view of Lake Kivu and its islands, the view of Nyungwe forest and its mountains range, and the view of tea estate which is the most dominant cash crop in the area. The hotel offers accommodation from a single room to the family room.

Why should you stay at the Nyungwe Top View Hotel?

  • Only a hotel which is located near the Nyungwe forest. 
  • While staying at Neither Top view it is easy to access park activities.
  • Perfect location with a beautiful view.
  • For those who want to go for chimpanzee tracking, this is the place.
Aerial View Of Nyungwe Top View Hotel
Aerial View Of Nyungwe Top View Hotel

How to reach the hotel: You can reach at Nyungwe Top View hotel by different means such as air transport, and road.

Air transport: From Kigali, you can use domestic flight for a quick journey, Rwandair offers daily flight from Kigali to Kamembe airport. It takes only 35minutes to reach Kamembe airport from Kigali and then a transfer to Nyungwe you can book a room to Top View Hotel your operator which is the better choice. It takes 45 minutes to drive from Kamembe airport to the Hotel. Another option which is best and most advisable one, you can fly from Kigali to Nyungwe Top View Hotel helicopter which will make you understand, why Rwanda is called a thousand hills, view of Lake Kivu and islands, Mountains of Nyungwe national, tea estates from the sky view!

Road transport: You can also reach the Nyungwe Top View hotel by road transport; there are two options if you need to use road transport to the Nyungwe Top View hotel. The first one will take you from Kigali through Kamonyi district, Muhanga, Nyanza which is basement of the Rwandan cultural and king’s palace museum, and then continue to Butare where Ethnographic museum is settled and pass through Nyamgabe district in high mountains and through Nyugwe forest for an hour and a half to reach in Gisakura center then take a small connected tarmac road in your right side which will take you to Nyungwe Top View hotel.

The second option will take you from Kigali to Kamonyi district, to Muhanga, continue to Karongi the Resort town which gives a better view of Lake Kivu as the road passes onshore till Nyamasheke district in which the lodge is located. You will arrive in Buhinga center in Nyamasheke, then you will take the left side of the main road and in five minutes you will be in Gisakura center, where you will have to take a small road connected to the main road on your left side, this small one will reach to the hotel. The Nyungwe Top View hotel can be accessed from all corners of Rwanda. As the roads of Rwanda are tarmac roads and secured, from the public to private transport and here if you are using the and you have choices of using public transport private hired treated like King/Queen by your preferred tour company and let them deal for you.

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