The Best accommodation in Nyungwe Forest National Park

One & Only Nyungwe House

One & Only Nyungwe House is the one and only five-star luxury chain Lodge with 22 luxury rooms and suites situated in five wooden villas, which is located in zero distance from the Nyungwe Forest National Park. The lodge is set on the edge of the Nyungwe national park, and it was built in collaboration with the Government of Rwanda in 2010 and was called Nyungwe Forest Lodge. In 2017 the lodge changed the name as well as its management, from Nyungwe Forest lodge to one and only Nyugwe House and one and only took over until now.

Lodge temporarily closed for a short period for renovating purposes and upgrading of facilities. That’s how it became the best and situated on the top of all accommodations of the same type in the area. 

For nature lovers and those who prefer to stay close to nature, this is the place to stay because it is an amazing Eco-friendly accommodation constructed in wooden materials. It is one of the luxury resorts and accommodations we have in Rwanda. One and Only lodge Nyungwe is surrounded by a tea estate/plantation with beautiful views of all the time. It is not common to find accommodation in the forest buffer zone especially in the tropical mountainous rain forest.

It is an exception here in Rwanda, and you can breathe fresh oxygen and view the 13 primates found in nyungwe national park including Ruwenzori Colobus monkeys, Grey checked mangabeys. There is no other cool place for relaxation, refreshing mind like one & only House. And it is an exception for honeymooners.


One & Only Nyungwe House is located in Southwest of Rwanda, Gisakura main road, Nyamasheke district and near Gisakura reception as one of the three receptions of Nyungwe National Park, in few Kilometers from southern Lake Kivu and  DRC border. 

You can access the lodge by different means of transport such as air transport, after landing at Kigali international airport by any airline, and you can use domestic flight for a quick journey. Rwandair offers daily flight from Kigali to Kamembe and it takes only 35 minutes. And then a transfer to One & Only Nyungwe House is offered by the Hotel if requested, which takes 45 minutes to drive from Kamembe airport to one & only House.

One & Only Nyungwe House
One & Only Nyungwe House

You can fly directly from Kigali to one & only House with no other transfer if you fly with Akagera Aviation’s helicopter which will make you understand why Rwanda is called the land of a thousand hills, as you enjoy the views of Lake Kivu, Mountains of Nyungwe national, and tea estates from the sky.

You can also reach the lodge by road transport. There two options if you need road transport to one & Only Nyungwe House. The first one will take you from Kigali through Kamonyi district, Muhanga, Nyanza which is the basement of the Rwandan cultural and king’s palace museum, then continue to Butare where Ethnographic museum is settled and pass through Nyamgabe district in high mountains and through Nyugwe forest for an hour and a half to One & Only Nyungwe House. The second option will take from Kigali to Kamonyi district, to Muhanga, to continue to Karongi the resort town which gives a better view of Lake Kivu as the road passes onshores till Nyamasheke district in which the lodge is located. The one & only Nyungwe house can be accessed from the all corner of Rwanda as the roads of Rwanda are tarmac roads and secured, from the public to private transport and remember the Lodge can offer you the private transfer.

It is recommended to hire a tour operator to organize your trip to one and only Nyungwe house including pick up from the airport and transfer to the lodge. 

The lodge offers plenty of the activities to its guest such as:

  • Tea estate visit and tea picking experience 
  • Primates trekking like Chimpanzees, black and white Colobus monkeys
  • Bird watching around the lodge 
  • Biking around the lodge
  • Waterfall visit and community walk
  • Swimming, alongside the forest while enjoying the voice of birds 

Also, the resort offers a fantastic gym with enough space for yoga.

One & only Nyungwe House price of the rooms depends on the season just like other hotels.  

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