Top 10 Activities Visitors Can Do in Rwanda

Top 10 Activities Visitors Can Do in Rwanda: Rwanda is a country in East Africa located between Uganda, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Burundi. The country’s hilly terrain earned it the moniker “Land of a Thousand Hills.” Rwanda is more than its dark history of genocide in 1994. A Rwanda Safari reveals the warm culture, green city, and all the gifts that nature has crammed into the country’s 10,169 square miles. The following are the top ten things to do and see in Rwanda.

Top 10 Activities Visitors Can Do in Rwanda.

  1. Trekking Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park.

There are only about 1000 mountain gorillas left in the world, and they can only be found in three places. Rwanda is one of these three locations. There are 11 habituated gorilla families in the country, all of which can be found in Volcanoes National Park. Each trekking group can only have a maximum of eight people and can only spend one hour with the gorillas after seeing them. Mountain Gorilla Trekking would be the pinnacle of your Rwanda experience.

Top 10 Activities Visitors Can Do in Rwanda
Volcanoes National Park Gorilla tours
  1. Chimpanzee Trekking in Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Nyungwe Forest is East and Central Africa’s largest remaining afro-montane rainforest. This isn’t the only reason to go to the site while in Rwanda. It has such a diverse ecosystem that you may be spoiled for choice as to what to see and what to ignore. There are 1,000 plant, 120 butterfly, 310 bird, 32 amphibian, 38 reptile, 86 mammal, and 13 primate species in Nyungwe Forest National Park. It is humming with activity and deserves an entire safari to itself. You can choose to trek chimps or colobus monkeys, go on a canopy walk, walk to the water falls, or go birding, to name a few activities.

  1. Game Drive Safaris in Akagera National Park.

Akagera National Park, Rwanda’s sole savannah national park is a must-see while on safari in Rwanda. It has an area of 1,085 square kilometers and is near to Rwanda’s border with Tanzania. Akagera National Park is surrounded by nicely terraced hills and features various flora such as wetlands, lakes, and savannah plains. There is plenty to do in this park, from wildlife drives and bird watching to fishing at Lake Shakani and boat trips on Lake Ihema. It is home to a variety of birds, animals, insects, and amphibians, and it was recently refilled with Rhinos and Lions, completing the Big 5 list.

  1. Explore Kigali City

Kigali is a neat green city surrounded by hills and teeming with nice locals. A taste of Rwandan culture may be found in the Inema Art Centre, Niyo Art Gallery, Ivuka Art Centre, and, more broadly, the Nyamirambo neighbourhood, which is brimming with crafts and art. You can go to the presidential museum, the Belgian camp, Mt. Kigali, and maybe even a house to eat a home-cooked supper.

Top 10 Activities Visitors Can Do in Rwanda
Kigali City
  1. Visit Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre.

Atrocities were committed in this land in 1994, killing hundreds. At the Kigali Genocide Centre, about 250,000 people were put to rest. Time stands still in this spot, allowing one to pay homage to those who perished in the genocide. Rwanda has made significant progress in its rehabilitation efforts during the last two decades. Visiting the Kigali Genocide Centre is the first step in understanding how far Rwanda has progressed as a nation.

  1. Mountain Hiking

Rwanda, with its “a thousand hills,” has ideal Mountain riding paths. On your bike seat, you have the opportunity to explore and appreciate the scenery of Rwanda. There are specially qualified guides and bicycle technicians for travelers touring Rwanda via mountain riding. Even with the guides, there are obvious sign posts and secure camping areas where you may relax while cycling. There are bicycle rentals available if you did not bring your own, Top 10 Activities Visitors Can Do in Rwanda.

  1. Visit King’s Palace Museum

Take a stroll through Rwanda’s cultural heritage, when the country was structured into Kingdoms. There are two ‘palaces,’ one erected by King Musinga Yuhi V and the other during the time of King Rudahigwa Mutara III. These two shelter objects have been renovated to create the current King’s Palace Museum. The Kings Palace Museum is located in the southern Rwandan town of Nyanza.

  1. Hiking and Guided Nature Walks

Rwanda’s beautiful scenery provides some of the greatest hiking and walking opportunities. The Volcanoes National Park offers day treks to volcanoes like as Mt. Bisoke and Mt. Muhavura, while Mt. Karisimbi is an overnight journey. The exciting canopy walk and numerous additional walking routes are available in Nyungwe Forest National Park. You may also hike on various routes outside of protected zones. If you enjoy hiking while taking in some of the most soul-stirring scenery, Rwanda is the place to go.

Top 10 Activities Visitors Can Do in Rwanda
Mount Bisoke Hike
  1. Bird Watching

Bird Watching may be done everywhere and at any time of year in Rwanda. The variety of vegetation in the country provides habitat for birds practically everywhere. There are Albertine Rift Endemics, Rwenzori and Virunga Endemics, and many additional species that contribute to Rwanda’s total of 650 bird species. Parks such as Nyungwe, Volcanoes, Akagera National Parks, marshlands, marshes, and agricultural fields are some of the greatest sites to visit for the best birding experience in Rwanda.

  1. Kayaking

There are various kayaking options on Lake Kivu and the twin lakes in northern Rwanda. You may also go boarding or take a boat excursion around the lakes, stopping at numerous islands.

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