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Walking Safaris in Nyungwe National Park

Walking safaris in Nyungwe National park are short safaris where travelers walk through the forest thicket to try and spot different species of animals. Nyungwe Forest National Park is located in the southwest of Rwanda and it borders the Burundi border. There are a number of Chimpanzees that are inhabited, and other primate species such as the colobus monkeys.

Walking safaris in Nyungwe National park are supported because it has a number of well-built walking trails to encounter during your safari. You can discover the terrain vegetation, primate species, birds, canopy walk, butterflies, tree species, rocks, nature trails, nature adventure and many more on these walking safaris. The park has over 140 kilometers of walking routes to be hiked in order to explore the exterior and interior of the thick forest.

The walking safari takes 1-9 hours and this walk takes you to Igishigishigi Trails, it’s the shortest walk in East Africa, which is the highest canopy walk that offers great views in Nyungwe Forest.

During walk safaris in Nyungwe national park, you will enjoy the Bigugu trail walks which take about 6 hours. Bigugu trail walks takes one to the highest part of Bigugu peak 2150 meters high, however, one must be physically fit to enjoy the walking safaris in Nyungwe national park. It takes a distance of about 7kms long to traverse the nature walk. The trail is steep, muddy and slippery since the forest is thick it’s called a rain forest.

You can also enjoy Ngabwe trail walk. This walking safari takes approximately 3 hours which is 5 km. It’s a bit challenging to enjoy the walk through the forest.

You will enjoy the walk to Kitabi Tea Plantation where you will have the amazing views of the forest and other primate walks to see a number of L’Hoest monkeys, Colobus monkeys, Silver monkeys, Chimpanzees, and Mangabey monkeys. In case one needs the walk to be extended, it can take more 8 hours, however, you should ask the lodge to provide you with packed lunch.

The canopy walk is 50meters high and 100 meters long. The walk takes 2hours, have a chance to spot the butterflies, primate safaris, bird species, thick forest and many more to encounter.

On the walk, you will explore the Kamiranzovu Marsh walk trail where you have a chance to see the caldera that forms a relevant watershed in the park. This walking safaris trail is challenging. It is 6km long and takes 3 hours to complete the trail. You will have a chance to see water orchids, Grauer Rush warbler among other species.

The Isuno water walk trail takes approximately 12km long and 4 hours to complete. Walk through tea plantations in this area, and you will have a chance of seeing a number of various monkey species, amazing sceneries, ferns and bird species such as Ruwenzori Turaco birds.

River Nile walk trail is one of the best walking safaris in the park. You can walk through this route and it does not require straining.

Karamba birding walking trail is 4km in the thick forest. You can enjoy the simple flat area, where mining takes place for Road building materials. The trail walks lead one to spot a number of Giant tree ferns, Orchids, rare Dents monkey and many more to sees.

Muzimu walk Trail is 5.6 km long. It is challenging since the park is muddy and slippery and the park is a rainforest filled with beautiful–wildflowers. You can enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Lake Kivu.

Imbaraga walk trail is a walking safaris that begins at Uwinka Reception center. It takes approximately 10km in length and about 6hours. You will visit the waterfalls, see the primates such as rare chimpanzee and many more.

Irebero walk trail takes 4hours at a distance of 4kms. You will enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the high altitude, that border Rwanda and Lake Kivu. There are also elevated peaks within the Forest.

Umogote walk trail safari is approximately 4km long trail which takes about 4 hours to complete. This walk is not that challenging as you will be moving by the side of the mountain with a view of the beautiful sceneries of biodiversity in the valley.

Rukuzi walking safari takes approximately 9km and 6hours to complete it. On this safari, you will encounter the chimpanzees, a number of bird species and many trees species.

Umuyove walk safari it is a short distance movement, with views of the orchids, waterfalls, and wildflowers. The word Umuyove is a local word which means  Mahogany tree. You will enjoy the tree species in the area, with a number of bird species, primates and many more.

Congo Nile Divide walking safari is a long route which takes 5 days through the forest that divides the river basin in the Nile of Congo. It is a favorite for people who are good at hiking, camping and enjoy the wilderness.

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