Gisakura Guest House

Gisakura Guest House

Gisakura Guest House is located in the South-west of Rwanda, Nyamasheke district around the Gisakura center in the west part of Nyungwe national park. It is in few meters from the edge of Nyungwe national park, but it is self-settled inside the fragmented forest of Nyungwe. It is a neighbor town is Kamembe of Rusizi district and is only a 23km drive. The dominants clients of Gisakura Guest House are those coming to visit Nyungwe and mostly those coming for Cyamudongo chumps trekking. Gisakura guest house is budget accommodation, good for backpackers and anyone who does not care for simple accommodation as long as the service is ok! The guest house has only twelve rooms that were built using local materials, seem to be simple but good,  and you don’t have enough time to be in your room because of the beautiful surroundings such as monkey which regular visitors here, and birds of the different species, also amazing trees like the mahogany tree.

Reaching the Gisakura Guest house is somewhat the same as reaching One & Only Nyungwe House and Nyungwe Top View because they are all in the same place. Although here they don’t offer any kind of pick up and also you can’t reach the guest house by helicopter because there is no helicopter landing field as it is in One and only Nyungwe house.

Here are the reasons to push you to stay at Gisakura guest house: The guest house sits in an unusual environment, where you can breathe pure air. And it is not common to any other accommodation. It is rare to find such a place and it is easier to access public transport from the guest house. The guest house rates favor all levels of tourists according to their budget. You don’t want to miss the impressive warm welcome and friendly people of the place.

The accommodation facilities in Gisakura, are many and are for different levels, but they almost share the same mode of transport of reaching them. You can reach the Nyungwe Gisakura guest house by different means such as air transport, and road.  Here you will first reach in Rwanda, Kigali international airport by any airline as they many of them fly to Rwanda several times in a week. Such airlines are from countries from all over the world like European, African, Asian and American countries. For example, Qatar airways, Alliance air, Ethiopian airline, fly Dubai, Kenya airways and air Tanzania, Rwandair and many others. If you are in Kigali you can use domestic flight for a quick journey. Rwandair also offers daily flights from Kigali to Kamembe and it takes only 35minutes. Then you can take a tax for the transfer to the Gisakura guest house. It has to be organized by you or your tour company which is the better choice, and it takes 45 minutes to drive from Kamembe airport to Nyungwe Gisakura guest house. 

Reach Gisakura guest house by road transport: there are two options if you need to use road transport to Gisakura Guest House. The first one will take you from Kigali through Kamonyi district, Muhanga, Nyanza which is basement of the Rwandan cultural and king’s palace museum, and then continue to Butare where Ethnographic museum is settled and pass through Nyamgabe district in high mountains and through Nyugwe forest for an hour and a half to reach in Gisakura guest house, you will keep drive straight up to 300m ahead from the forest edge, there you will see signs confirming the place. The second option will take you from Kigali to Kamonyi district, to Muhanga, continue to Karongi the Resort town which gives better view of Lake Kivu as the road passes onshore till Nyamasheke district in which the lodge is located, you will arrive in Buhinga center in Nyamasheke, then you will take left side of the main road and in five minutes you will be in Gisakura center. You will not turn to any side but just keep drive ahead about 150m from the center you will be at the gate of the guest house.

Visit Nyungwe National Park and enjoy your safari as you relax and cool off at Gisakura Guest House.

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